Amphior – “Oblivion”


“Oblivion” is a gripping, atmospheric track released today from Amphior, the project of Danish electronic music producer Mathias Hammerstrøm (featured in the past with solo material and as Amphior). Hammerstrøm’s knack for mysterious, Twin Peaks-esque melodies is a continuation throughout his releases, and continues on “Oblivion” with its murky synths and dark crackling.

“Oblivion” opens up Amphior’s forth EP We Used to Dance. 40 minutes long, the EP releases on September 2nd on Mathias’ own label ‘Hammerstrøm Records’. Sangam will also have a remix of “Oblivion” upcoming.

“I wanted to write a record that was more inspired by ambient music and meditation exploring memories and flashbacks – trying to hold onto them, before they disappear completely,” the artist says. The release also leans “comfortably into aspirations of ambient music, hints of meditation and the internet phenomenal ‘ASMR’.”

“I’ve known about ASMR for a couple of years and sometimes listen to videos on YouTube when I want to feel the “tingling” sensation and I even use it for sleep – I think ASMR is offering a very special aspect of sonic calmness and I wanted to explore its function when it’s mixed with music already aiming to achieve a calm atmosphere.”

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