Old Smile – “Unwinding”


“Unwinding” is a hypnotic rocker with enjoyable variation from Old Smile, featured back in 2012. The first two minutes show a chugging rocker with psych-leaning appeal. Wordless vocals begin to adorn the background thereafter as additional guitar lines emerge, eventually led by shimmering acoustics as the rhythm section fades. The final minute infuses keys into the bustling guitars and rhythms present in the song’s first half, ending in satisfying fashion.

The track comes via Old Smile’s forthcoming EP Upended Lantern Path, releasing on August 6th. “The EP is about my experience of going into psychosis in late October of 2017,” the artist says. “Delusions and mania led to a stay in an psychiatric facility where I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. It’s also about falling for someone at the wrong time and a string of monotonous low paying physical jobs. I wrote/performed/recorded/mixed everything on it.”

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