Pale Moon – “Exile”

Pale Moon recently released the music video for their swooning rocker “Exile,” off the previously featured Dust of Days EP. It’s a video full of vibrant colors and cheery vibes, a nice accompaniment to the Icelandic duo’s freeing rock sound here.

The project elaborates further on the video, below:

The video is a one shot through the whole song and took a lot of behind the screen choreography to fit the changes of a suit-dressed character seamlessly. There are around 50 people on set including some of notable musicians from Iceland, as well as a dance group from Reykjavik. The band members them selves co-produced the video alongside with their good friend, cameraman and director, Viktor Aleksander Bodanski of Blind spot productions. It was shot in one day and we only had 4 hours on the street to get it done. Natasha, part of Pale Moon, not only designed the costumes for main character and the dancers, but also used her graphic skills for the green screen scene animation. She says: “There were a lot of new experiences for me during this production and it all came along beautifully. It was a great team effort and just ton of fun.”

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