Rosing – “Beige Oblivion”


“Beige Oblivion” is nicely illustrative of Rosing’s gorgeous sound throughout their self-titled debut EP. Producing a chilling blend of dream-pop, post-rock, shoegaze, and rock elements, the Los Angeles-based act show a masterful approach to their aesthetic — from the haunting vocal presence to the enthralling guitar tones. The EP — which was self-recorded, produced, and released independently — succeeds throughout. “Beige Oblivion” rides on a Rhodes piano, lap steel guitar, and these ghostly vocals, showcasing a striking track that is likely to hook listeners into the rest of this strongly recommended EP.

The band describes the track and release in detail:

The song was conceived as a kind of “apocalyptic pop” song, Its harmonies drenched in effects and reverb, floating eerily above a pulsing rhythm. It came together like a collage, each piece somewhat independent from the rest, but forming a cohesive atmosphere. In addition to the Bass, Drums & Percussion, the song features an effected Rhodes Piano and a DIY custom built Lap-steel guitar played with an E-Bow to emulate a Theremin. We wanted to remove familiar structures, cues and instrument references to enhance the dreamlike quality of the song while still retaining a strong groove. Like the rest of the EP, this track is a cocktail of disparate influences landing between Surf, Soul & Goth. This track could soundtrack a dark evening spent speeding along Mulholland Drive or a neon-lit warehouse dance party. The single off of our debut self-titled EP, this song embodies Rosing’s sound– Organic, surreal, spacious and moody. It plays like a lucid dream, at once familiar and indescribable.

Stream the rest of the band’s self-titled debut EP below:

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