What’s a record player? Guide from A To Z

The most exact definition for a turntable is: An electromechanical system capable of reproducing sounds by means of vinyl records.  It began to be used as an improved substitute for the gramophone because, although they used very similar technologies, the phonograph cylinder was more expensive and less efficient than a vinyl record.

Our beloved record player has received thousands of synonyms and names with the passing of time, among them: pick up, tornamesa, gira discos, pletina giradiscos or fonochasis among others. All these terms have been losing strength with the passage of time so its predominant name is currently turntables.

It was created by the inventor, politician and entrepreneur Thomas Alba Edison in 1877, the original phonograph that made recorded the sound in aluminum foil wrapped in a kind of cylinder, to record the noise that emitted used needles that responded, directly, to the vibrations produced by the sound… And, with a plate that was above and below the turntable, he pointed them. Before we continue to explain in detail about turntables, make sure that you also read about record player stands as picking stands is just as important as picking the record player itself. 

The 5 magic features that will make you buy a record player!

You’re probably already an expert on the subject, but we’re sure you still don’t know the major advantages that these wonderful and incredible devices offer you. If you’re a beginner musician and you’re interested in why vinyl players are becoming fashionable again… Listen to this!

Unique audio quality: The largest amount of digital MP3 files we find on the internet have so little audio clarity that it’s not even worth downloading them… And those that do are usually of low or medium quality. Still, a useful youtube to mp3 converter can help with higher quality. It is estimated that the music heard by a professional turntable is up to 7.5 times better.

The experience of something tangible: Many people who love the classics prefer to have something tangible to listen to and enjoy their music and who we are to blame! The experience of having a vinyl record in hand is 1000 times greater than downloading an mp3 file.

A retro touch: We know that there are very modern turntables, which have the latest technologies, but that does not mean that they are the best. They can be more efficient when it comes to having more functions, storing songs or being portable… But we both know that there is nothing more aesthetically pleasing and classy than an old record player.

Help your favorite band: What better way to support that favorite group that so many experiences, emotions and feelings has evoked you in the rainiest afternoons and in the warmest summers. Buying vinyl records will help sustain the industry and bring out more good songs, as well as fight piracy.

Intimate feeling: We both know that it’s not the same to press the play button on your mobile phone to place a fragile, substantial and close vinyl record on your turntable, The experience is much more enjoyable, more inner, more intimate … After all, what are you going to leave your children? A fascinating repertoire of records or your spotify password?

Turntables The 3 Myths!

Have you always used these terms to refer to the same team? It should be noted that they are not the same. The turntables and turntables have subtle details and, not only that, have some myths that we will review to bring you closer to the truth and the product you want to choose.

— Attention! —

The biggest difference is that the turntable integrates loudspeakers and amplifiers so you do not need an external audio equipment, but a turntable if.

But you also have to know that:

  • Are the direct motor ones better than the belt ones?: Not necessarily, as everything has its pros and cons because if you only want to listen to it, the best thing is to buy one by belt. If, on the other hand, you would like to mix, we recommend a direct motor.
  • Do straps last long? It depends on the quality of them, but they usually last at least years and you can extend their useful life with our advice. Simply avoid contact with extreme temperatures, especially the cold as the rubber will lose flexibility.
  • Don’t straps give precision when turning?: Not at all, it has nothing to do with it. If the belt is good and in good condition

Why are vinyl touchers coming back into fashion?

Vinyl is a musical format that takes up lost spaces every day. In fact, according to the U.S. Record Industry Association, in 2018 I surpassed streaming music sales. But why this?

The growing sales of this wonderful music team do not have a very clear reason, many people want it because they prefer to listen to their favorite bands in something that reminds them of the retro era.

We think it’s due to the quality of the audio, as it weighs up to 7.5 times more. So, of course, a vinyl record has far more quality than any other format, at least to date.


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