Best Music to Listen While Preparing for the Exams

Music accompanies people throughout all of their lives, be it a birthday party, wedding, prom, or something as simple as a jog in the park. Different tracks help us to relax, gain energy, or feel certain emotions like happiness or sadness. Therefore it seems logical that many people decide to listen to music while studying, moreover, while preparing for exams, in order to feel more energetic, motivated, and focused. The effectiveness of listening to music while studying and preparing for the exams is a controversial issue, as many experts believe that music is more distracting rather helping. There are other ways to make preparation for the exam more effective: studying together with your friends, signing out of all social networks for the time of exams, getting more time for preparation by asking for help from services like Writingcheap, or sticking to the diet of foods that are better for the brain like nuts, redfish, and dark chocolate. However, the main reason why we love listening to music is that it makes any process – even preparing for exams – more enjoyable, which is a big argument for having an exam preparation playlist. That is why we made a guide on the best music for preparing for the exams, because it’s better to have more time on recapping course materials, rather than wasting time looking for the best broadcast of lo-fi music on YouTube.

  1. Classical music – old but gold
    Beethoven and Mozart might not be what you are used to jamming off on Saturday evenings, but listening to the classical instrumental music for among time has been recognized as the best option to listen to while studying. Some studies even suggest that Vivaldi’s music helps to increase brain activity, makes you feel more focused, and boosts your studying potential. Such effect is definitely not universal though, yet  quieter classical music of piano, violins, and other instruments definitely won’t be as disturbing as last Drake’s album. And if you are really not a fan of Bach and his classical music crew it is even better: you’ll become more effective while trying to finish a preparation faster.
    Albums to choose from: Warner Classics “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart”, Arthur Rubinstein “Chopin: Nocturnes”, Janine Jansen “Vivaldi: The Four Seasons

  2. Indie-Folk – to relieve stress
    This option is also on the slower tempo side, but we are increasing it as we go in the list. One of the great things about indie-folk – there are a ton of albums to choose from, and you probably haven’t heard any of them. Soft tones of the songs, simple, yet heart touching vocals, and melancholic instrumentals could help you with pre-exams stress, relieve anxiety, and help you with realization that if you fail you can also go live in the woods and feed on the mud – at least that is what indie-folk bands seem to do according to their nature-inspired music and chilling and down to earth (literally) lyrics. A word of advice: find one artist that sounds most appealing and listen to their whole albums in order to not get distracted while changing to a different track.
    Albums to choose from: Elliott Smith “Either/Or”, Fleet Foxes “Sun Giant”, Iron & Wine “Our Endless Numbered Days


  1. K-Pop, French Pop, and others – going international
    When choosing music to listen to while studying, many argue that they get distracted because of the lyrics of the songs. Well, here’s the simple solution – listen to music from a foreign artist. This option will only open up you many possibilities of what music to choose from while preparing for the exams, but also will open you up for new artists you might enjoy listening to so much that you’ll become a fan and will discover a whole new world of new music. There is an endless variety of artists and languages you can choose from, be in french, Korean, Italian, Spanish, or any other kind of music.
    Albums to choose from: Stromae “Racine Caree”, Beenzino “12”, Zoe “Programaton

  2. Heavy Metal – to get pumped up
    This option might be quite controversial but turns out that many people tend to choose loud and fast rock, hip-hop, and heavy metal music to become more energetic and hyped to finish preparation earlier and more effectively. You never know if you don’t try, and even if you don’t tend to listen to Metallica occasionally, it could actually help you boost your energy, basically waking you up with heavy instrumentals and loud vocals.
    Albums to choose from: Megadeth “Rust in Peace”, Metallica “… And Justice for All”, Judas Priest “British Steel

That is just a short list of options to choose from with different genres and tempos, and there is no single perfect match for all. In order to find the best music for exam preparation for you experiment a bit; listen to both indie-folk, heavy metal, Mozart, or maybe K-Pop to find what suits you the best. Good luck with your exams and playlist planning!


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