CW Allen – “Bad Dreams”


The Dream Baby 2 is the newest EP from hip-hop/R&B artist CW Allen. The Cleveland native releases thias the second release of the Dream Baby EP series, with this particular volume touching on “issues and relationships dearest to me,” per CW. He explains further:

“The EP begins with “Lucid”, a song that talks about our addiction to attention, and the unhealthy ways we pursue it. Like Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools”, there’s a hidden message under its catchy hooks and deep bass-line. Following “Lucid” I share a song that is very dear to my heart called “Bad Dreams”. Bad Dreams was written right after I found out my 19 year old cousin was murdered. I just felt like It was in a bad dream that I couldn’t wake up from. Unfortunately this is very common reality in Chicago, and my hometown Cleveland.

“Care For You” is the third song on the EP and it highlights the care God has for us even when we’re in our darkest moments of fear and doubt. “Cloud” follows “Care For You” and will be the second single from the Ep. It has the most radio appeal as it’s LO-FI melody is perfect for long drives across the city and vibing out at a party. Finally, the DB2 ends with a song entitled “Everything.” I wrote this song to me first baby girl who will be born this coming fall.”

The emotional “Bad Dreams” rides on a hypnotic “wake me up from this dream,” vocal repetition amidst glistening keys. Allen’s precise flow is evident in the verses, mixing up the multi-vocal approach of the repeating melody. It’s an engaging hip-hop track from the Cleveland-born artist.

“Bad Dreams” is on the Indie Hip-Hop and Rap Spotify playlist.

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