STIMULI – “Ripple”


Oakland hard-rock act STIMULI recently released the music video for their track “Ripple.” Coming from last year’s album They Are We, the track shows the band’s vein of alt-rock — here showing a patient, retrospective series of verses leading into a rousing chorus. The thunderous guitar riffs and menacing vocal tone plays well, as does the clanging bass and eerie synths around the 01:40 mark.

“Our music contains a strong emotional intensity with personal, social and philosophical messages about the human experience,” explains guitarist/vocalist Jimmy Tomahawk. “Although there is an undeniably serious disposition in the band’s message, as individuals, we don’t really take ourselves very seriously at all – satire, slapstick humor and wisecracks are the norm when we are together. It’s a bit of a collective Jekyll & Hyde scenario, really.”

Stream the 11-track They Are We below, with “Ripple” representing one of the album’s more moodier efforts:

“Ripple” and other memorable tracks released in August 2018 can also be streamed on Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of August 2018’ Spotify playlist.

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