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Heavy Rock
Heavy Rock

RSC – “Shadow Lady”

RSC churn out a retro-minded vein of metal and rock, recently releasing a slew of singles. “Shadow Lady” is among them, a thunderous success from the band comprised of members throughout the world — from St. P...

Checkerneck – “Yosemite Sam”

The fantastic “Yosemite Sam” blends ’90s grunge nostalgia with surf-tinged melodic charm, resulting in a winning sound from Los Angeles-based duo Checkerneck. Guitar distortion quickly picks up alongside a mur...

Heavy Rock

Fervence – “Beneath the Sleeping Earth”

Ghost by FERVENCE Fervence unleash a raucously powerful rock sound on “Beneath the Sleeping Earth,” the title track off their new album, Ghost. Forming in 2017, the Reno, Nevada-based act blend aspects of metal and ...
Heavy Rock

Bif Naked – “Jim”

“Jim” is a new track from Canadian artist Bif Naked, via her upcoming album CHAMPION. Escalating synths and suave vocals lead to start, with contemplative guitars lurking as the chorus approaches. The “you nev...

Heavy Rock

Arden & the Wolves – “Another Year Of Rain”

Arden & the Wolves specialize in a darker, brooding vein of rock. The project’s track “Another Year of Rain” recently released with a new music video, capturing the track’s emphasis on destructive r...
Heavy Rock

STIMULI – “Ripple”

Oakland hard-rock act STIMULI recently released the music video for their track “Ripple.” Coming from last year’s album They Are We, the track shows the band’s vein of alt-rock — here showing a pat...