Are coffee and music the perfect combo?

Music became an easy and always accessible source of fast entertainment. We don’t buy records anymore, we skip tracks that we don’t like, just this song here and this song there. The music lost its meaning in the day. Music collections have lost the meaning they once had.

The same goes for coffee. Coffee is wherever you go, today. There are coffee vending machines in schools, hospitals, gas stations and so on.

You even have those capsule machines where you can make coffee in a few seconds at home. Coffee shops are everywhere – big coffee companies have a coffee shop in every corner, in every big city, it seems.

Both coffee and music became a wholesale product. They can be found everywhere, they are easy to obtain and can be enjoyed quickly. Unfortunately, these experiences are so easy to forget, once the moment has passed. Maybe this is the reason why they are so good when you mix them, like when you mix online pokies and a quality casino platform. Made perfect combo.

But, there is a change that is happening now, in both areas around the world. With the increase in vinyl sales in recent years, with the so-called movement of the third wave of coffee worldwide, quality is being reassessed.

As coffee lovers we are spending so much time preparing our coffee, we search the internet for new recipes on sites like, we have all this specialized equipment at home to prepare coffee, we make a ritual of the process to make coffee. We use different grinds for different methods, we let the coffee make the “bloom” effect, we take our time to develop the preparation, we test with different water temperatures. We use devices and applications to ensure we have the best preparation every time we make our coffee with the help of the list of coffee beans.

Choose a disc from the bookshelf, which one to choose? What would be good on this particular morning? Maybe some soft electronic sounds to wake us up easily? Or maybe some thrash metal to wake up fast if you need to be awake in a second.

Once we decide on the soundtrack in the morning, we take out the cover disk and clean the vinyl, place it in turntables, take the needle and place it gently in the initial groove. The faint crunching sound when the needle is dropped seems reminiscent of the delight of a great coffee bloom.  We are full of an energy of anticipation. And then the music begins, and you sit and enjoy every minute of the song, because there is no button to pass it. When the first side is over, you have to get up to flip the vinyl and start side B. Or just start over.

Alone, these experiences of appreciation of coffee and vinyl are moments to embrace and enjoy. By combining our special coffee – freshly ground and brewed with love – with music we enrich the experience of both. Coffee tastes better when we relax in the listening experience. The music sounds richer while we stroll with tasty sips.

This combination becomes a moment of meditation that we do not receive when listening to mp3’s, on a computer, or drinking a capsule coffee. All the work that is dedicated to preparing coffee and preparing the disc in the turntables becomes a ritual.


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