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The wonderfully eclectic “Fly Low” is a new single from Peregrine Dive, the Pasadena-based studio recording project of Felipe Javier Sanchez. This release precedes the project’s forthcoming Swoon EP, out on November 14th. “Fly Low” is a great example of Peregrine Dive’s diverse stylistic reach, apparent from the get-go with the pulsing synth backing and psych-friendly guitar tones. The wordless vocals at 01:08 succeeds with a warmly melodic quality, followed by a gripping guitar emergence before lush, spacey synths take over briefly. The track continues to be a journey thereon, reminiscent of Oneohtrix Point Never’s creative fury. I’m definitely looking forward to Peregrine Dive’s upcoming EP in November.

Sanchez elaborates more on the track below:

“Fly Low” was a song snippet I started 4 years ago when I traveled to Europe. It collected dust until I took a trip to South America five years later. The song’s completion was inspired by the journey that comes along with traveling to new places. When I go somewhere new, my experiences tend to not repeat; this subconsciously took form within this song by not having any choruses or repeating parts. The song is almost like a series of sonic bridges that ebb and flow into each subsequent part; even though there’s no hook or refrain the song still feels connected as an overall expedition.

My recent songs have been more guitar-driven, but I’ve always loved psychedelic and pop music so I tried to build Fly Low off synthesizers to give it an ambient, ethereal feel. There’s a trap / trip-hop part in one of the biggest climaxes of the track; this was the last part written and willed itself into my song because I was influenced by Travis Scott’s album Astroworld. On release day, I’ll be releasing a music video for the song that was filmed in South America.

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The track is also featured in the genre-based, best-of Spotify compilation Innovative Electronic Music.

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