Some lesser known bands in the UK

You must have heard people saying: The Americans created rock ‘n’ roll while the Englishmen refined it. Well, that is exactly what happened. The rock ‘n’ roll and pop scene is the UK is just awesome. Forget the heavyweights for moment. Here, you will find some budding artistes. These artistes aren’t all that popular,but the songs they create have gained a considerable amount of popularity and fan following in recent times. 

Many of the budding bands in the UK are coming into the limelight owing to their catchy raw tunes and adrenaline-pumping music. Here are some lesser known musicians/bands in the UK that create melodious tunes.

Neon Waltz

They hail from the Scottish town of John o’ Groats. They are known to blend their music with the mesmerising coastline of Scotland. They are known for creating some high-voltage music with those glittering keyboards and guitars. The music they churn out is melodious, powerful and ends up pulling crowds. The tunes they create tend to stay with the masses. They haven’t travelled to America yet, but their music seems to be making its presence felt in America as well. If you want to watch them live on stage, then get your concert tickets booked using Tic Flip


Of late, they have become one of the UK’s most talked about bands. Shame created a lot of ripples in the world of music in 2018. The band from South London has been catching a lot of attention because of their youthful and energetic tracks. The group’s frontman, Charlie Steen knows how to hit the right chord with the audiences. Well, they are not as popular as a Matt Cardle or Biffy Clyro, but they’ve churned out some notable songs over all these years. Songs of Praise, their debut album received a lot of praise upon release. 


This band from Dublin seeks to spearhead the garage rock revival. Yes, you heard that right, they are Irish (not British). They are being included for the sake of proximity.  The Irish quartet is known for churning out some earth-shattering tunes. The music they create has some loyal listeners. You need to listen to them when they perform on stage because that is when these lads are at their imperious best. If you love listening to some high-voltage tracks, then Otherkin’s creations are tailor-made for you.

Black Honey

If you happen to be a fan of cinematic rock and/or pop, then Black Honey, a band based in Brighton, is tailor-made for you. Here is an interesting fact: The band is spearheaded by a woman. Yes, that’s right. Izzy Bee Philips is quite a badass woman who believes in overthrowing the stereotypes. The band is known for creating some of the wackiest and sassiest tunes and tracks. The tunes and guitars they play will remind you of the old-school Western flicks ( the likes of The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly). Black Honey recorded an eponymous album in September 2018 and shot to limelight. Youngsters, especially teenagers, love listening to their tracks. Also, they keep touring around the UK. If you wish to catch them live, then get your tickets booked as soon as you can. 

So, that’s pretty much about it. Get your tickets booked if you want to watch all of these bands performing live. 


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