Sunniva – ‘Forest Fire’ EP


First catching my ear in 2017 with the psych-friendly track “Untold,” Sunniva return with an engaging EP in Forest Fire. All four tracks impress in their own right. One of my favorites is “Throwing Goldfish in the Sea,” a showcase in the band’s versatility and enjoyable knack for structural variety. Suave, contemplative vocal/guitar interplay start, with the “actors in a play,” vocal cue signaling a resounding, dramatic quality. 01:23 marks a shift into brisker territory, assuming a vein of guitar-forward rock with melodic charisma.

Also receiving buzz is the opener, “Breakfast Magic.” Nonchalant guitars shift into a flash of lush intricacies at 25 seconds in, swapping back and forth before a Jeff Buckley-esque vocal turn past the one-minute mark. The vocals shine particularly well here, aligning beautifully with the revolving guitar involvement. “Breakfast Magic” is a melodically memorable effort, a great choice to kick things off. The EP’s self-titled effort is also a highlight, highlighting a hypnotic rhythm section alongside trickling, reflective guitars. Closer “Don’t Wander” infuses some jazz-friendly rhythms and keys into the band’s rock-forward arsenal, resulting in a highly proficient closer that leaves a strong impression. The Forest Fire EP is a successful release from Sunniva, for certain.

“Throwing Goldfish in the Sea” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of October 2019’ Spotify playlist.

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