CRÈME – “Back In Love”


CRÈME’s latest track “Back In Love” continues to strut electro-pop infectiousness, following a serenely atmospheric introduction. The track shows CRÈME — the project of Trixie Reiss — leading with trickling, icy synths, which adorn Reiss’ melodic vocals to start. A playfully melodic hook emerges just after the 40-second mark. Toppling, effervescent synths lead the way on this catchy gem from CRÈME.

“This track follows in the footsteps of the likes of Louis The Child or Flume,” CRÈME explains. “It’s a song that, like the rain, brings up questions about how we grow and why we get lost in metaphorical “poems” created by someone who suddenly turns remote, and the celebration that happens when we arrive, like a flower from a bud after the rain, “back in love” again. Also, I think there’s a tentative but up close and very personal quality to my vocal, bringing my sound to a new level in my abilities as a producer.”

Mike Mineo

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