Festival Guide – Tips to Stand Out

Summer is never complete without a festival, and with this year’s Summer set to be the hottest one ever recorded, the Festival Season is likely to be bigger and better than ever. Whether you plan to enjoy the best Festivals Britain has to offer or plan to expand your horizons to enjoy Festivals in Europe and beyond, we wish you the best festival season of your life.

Nothing screams Festivals as much as the night time does. The crowds, old and young, small and big, are highlighted in a beautiful display of neon bands in luminescent colors. New techniques and products inspire festival attendees each year to become immersed in the spirit of the festival as the organizers put together some of the best visuals, performers, light and laser shows. Once the sun goes down, that will be the time to shine your brightest. 

Here are 5 tips to stand out from the crowd:

  1. Snap to Activate Glow Sticks

The Glorious Glow Stick is the ultimate tool for expressing your Festival Fever. It is the most eye-catching, remarkable, and famous chemiluminescent product to ever be introduced to mainstream culture. 

It made its debut in the public retail rector back in the 1980s and its product lineup has evolved significantly since then while still paying its respects to the original science behind the discovery that was originally an essential part of military equipment.

Today, no festival is truly complete without a sizeable stockpile of Glow Sticks – batons, bracelets, earrings, pendants, headwear, glasses, and necklaces. If you are not waving or wearing a glow stick at a festival, you are seriously missing out.

  1. Light Toys

Whether you love juggling to show off your talent, looking to light up the dancefloor, or are looking for something to entertain the children, you will never lack a glowing toy that does exactly that. The possibilities are really endless, from the Light Poi and LED finger lights that are incredibly popular with dancers at festivals and raves to glow wands, batons, fiber optics, and LED novelty toys for the children; light toys are the top crowd pleaser regardless of the event. Take a look at the extenx=sive range at Premier Glow.

One tip that you should always consider when buying this must-have festival accompaniment is buying them in advance and taking them with you, and include several spares as well as a few spare batteries just to be safe. If you are more of a business savvy festival attendee, you should consider stocking up so that you make a tidy festival when you attend festivals.

  1. Body-Marbling

The body marbling craze hit the scene back in 2016 and has been big news for festival attendees ever since. It sees your belongings and body transform into works of art.

Black Light Visuals were the original creators of body marbling using acrylic paint. Today, there are numerous DIY alternatives, but it is easy to replicate the basic principle. All you require are large containers of saltwater as well as acrylic or liquid body paint. 

Add the point to the water in a variety of colors and swirl around to create patterns of colored pigments floating in the water. You should then dip an item or limb into the container and the paint pigments will stick to the surface. Finally, let it air dry naturally and your will be good to go.

Note: UV body paints work equally as good and give a festival glow that’s hot on trend this summer.

  1. Glow in the Dark Clothing

If you don’t like the idea of decorating your skin or wearing glow accessories, the range of high-tech accessories and clothes is growing as market trends follow the demand for new and innovative products. UV reflective garments, self-glowing fabrics, and glow in the dark fabric paint are growing increasingly accessible and affordable, which means that you are likely to see more illuminated bodies amongst the crowds.

The Interactive Glow T-shirt is one of the best clothing trends by far. It is a clever garment gizmo that allows you to either write a message or draw a design on a glow in the dark canvas using the provided UV key ring, a laser pen, or even a mobile phone torch that glows for up to 10 minutes before finally starting to fade thus leaving you free to do it over and over again as you please.

  1. Hair and Skin Glow

If you want to see the most current trends in the Glow in the Dark makeup techniques, UV hair gel and chalk styles, or even face and body paint designs, you definitely need to check out Pinterest. The impressive and extensive variety of professional quality products currently available make this one of the most cost-effective ways to light yourself up when the lights go down. 

The vast majority of products are actually neon by day and glow with luminosity under UV lights, which means that you won’t blend into the crowd while dancing the night away. The best thing is perhaps the fact that while the products are bang on trend, sassy and smart, with design ideas guaranteed to rock this festival season, you don’t actually need to rely on stage lights for ensuring that your glow continues once you leave the light show.


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