Brorsson & Munther – “Dark Clouds”


Strutting a catchy electro-pop sound with a ’70s soft-rock touch, “Dark Clouds” is the debut single from Swedish duo Brorsson & Munther. The project comprises Stars in Coma frontman André Brorsson and live member Joel Munther, with Munther handling vocals and Brorsson leading most of the production. As evident by previously featured tracks like “By the Memorial Urn” and “Destroying the Love,” Stars in Coma’s knack for melodic hooks was never subtle. The same is the case with this project so far, if “Dark Clouds” is any indication. A percussive stutter at the 50-second mark signals a colorful synth lead, quickly accompanied by stirring vocals. From here, the track touts a nostalgic, melodically infectious quality throughout.

More on the project’s formation below, from the duo:

The Brorsson & Munther project initially started in 2016 when André Brorsson had a song idea he was unable to finish for his principal musical outlet Stars in Coma. Brorsson asked Joel Munther, live bass player of Stars in Coma at the time, to write some lyrics for the idea. Munther, with a background in the Swedish psych folk scene, quickly came up with some lines about glitches in the system and apocalyptic love, and the result became hooky disco pop banger “Dark Clouds.”

However, it wasn’t until the fall of 2019 that the duo decided to take it to the next level and record a five-song EP, which will see the release in the spring of 2020. Combining their love for digital and analog synthesizers, Brorsson & Munther channeled the most melodic segment of the 80s synth pop era, while simultaneously incorporating their love for classic soft rock artists such as the Carpenters, Paul Williams and the Poppy Family.

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