How Music Affects Our Mood

Music has a way of making us feel happy, sad and excited. It affects our emotions as we tend to listen to music that reflects our mood. There is a time when you feel like listening to that happy jovial music, a time to listen to tom sad songs, love songs and all other genres out there.

Provokes Feelings

Music has a way of getting to us as humans. Whenever you are in a bad mood music can make you feel better. Listening to certain songs may make you feel better instantly. On the other hand, some music may just bring back some memories that will instantly make you feel sad or to want to cry. It all depends on the kind of music you are listening to but music does bring out different emotions and moods.

It Makes You Remember

Music has a way of making you remember some past events that made you feel in a certain way. You can either start laughing, crying and other things. Ever passed by a shop and you hear a song that automatically makes you think of someone or a past event that made you happy or cry or sad. Your mood from that moment may change as you start remembering that event or person.

Music is Therapeutic

Ever noticed a depressed person just wanting to be in a room and listen to some good music. When you go for a jog when you are driving to somewhere you just want music to be part of the journey. This shows that music is a form of therapy. You can just get into the groove and go with the flow as you are enjoying the rhythm. You may realize that after a moment of listening and concentrating on the music you may feel better. 

However, as we have mentioned there is music for every mood it all depends on the music you will be listening to. Different kinds of music evoke different emotions thereby changing our mood.


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