Musicians who can inspire you in 2020

It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what language you speak, music is the universal tool for inspiration and it makes us change the perception of things and, consequently, our mood. And what a spectrum of musical inspiration one can have now due to the variety of platforms and streaming services one can find it on! However, for some musicians and bands, 2020 will be even more surprising, and we can’t wait to name a few you have definitely check out when you need a bit of professional inspiration assistance. Below are those who either hold the title of “the most talented musician”  or those who are just getting started but already have a lot of potentials. Let’s see who is a not-to-miss on your playlist this year.

Those You Know

Red Hot Chili Peppers

We know that many of you already like this band and are listening to their albums often but did you know that their guitar player, John Frusciante, is back to the band? We’re super excited when writing this, and what we think it means is that they are on the way to write another album of songs we gonna sign along very soon. John, welcome back. You were dearly missed! 


Hers is supposed to be one of the most anticipated albums in 2020 and we’re sure she’ll drop some hits like she always does. And that’s why she’s considered as one of the best R’n’B performers who took the lead in pop culture as well. And let’s be honest: isn’t she an iconic artist who’s already left a powerful imprint in the music history? 

Childish Gambino 

Hip-hop fans were delighted when Donald Glover appeared on the music scene, and in 2020, he’s releasing his 4th album we all wait for to download online and learn by heart. His previous hit “This Is America” has rocked the new generation of rappers as it set high standards for what a good rap song should be like from now on, and not only that. It has a great value for essay writing about music or for help with essay and whether it should be political to help de-escalate the social pressure. And come on, doesn’t “Feels Like Summer” help with essay on literally any topic for its worry-free groove? 

Lenny Kravitz

This legend is having a massive European tour in 2020 and he has a lot of music to offer to his fans and audience. Being known for the custom made lighting show, sound quality, and atmosphere at the concerts, he’s definitely worth seeing live. Plus, when searching for inspiration for music is combined with traveling to other cities, it’s a call to fly away. So are you gonna go his way?

Kendrick Lamar

We can’t miss arguably the best rapper of our times out of this list because his way to rap is already labeled as a unique, legendary and trendsetting. And the fans will be delighted in 2020 – he’s releasing his another long play this year. So get your backpack ready for the music festivals in Europe, as it’s highly likely he will present some of the fresh songs there so check the ticket service to listen to it first-hand.

Lady Gaga

After a year of silence since been featured in “A Star is Born” followed by scandals in each and every paper and almost no show in the media later on, Lady Gaga is ready to get back to the fans. This time – with the sixth album her fans are so ready to finally listen to. And we want to give proper credit to this amazing performer: with all the highs and lows she’s been through every year, she never ceases to amaze the public with new collaborations and material. Oops, did we just spilled some beans it’s won’t be her solo album? 

The Wild!

If you missed this old school rock-n-roll music with an IDGAF spirit, this Canadian band is your perfect music date. They’ve opened Foo Fighters, Airborn, Ozzy Osbourne and many music festivals in Germany, UK, USA, and Canada, and this is quite a time for them to present more of their music for the masses. Beware though, their electric energy is contagious, and they do prove that rock-n-roll and Lemmy’s heritage will never die.

Harry Styles 

He doesn’t need any description here because his start shines way too brightly for words. One thing is certain: with the number of tour dates he has for 2020, there is a chance you’ll get caught this virus of liking his music and listening to it all day, every day. And no, you won’t get sick of him. 

Those You Don’t Know Yet

The music scene is booming with new names and more and more people are interested in a high quality underground with the potential to do a breakthrough. These bands usually mix the styles and experiments more while they don’t have anything to lose for not sticking to the style. 

Nekfeu (France)

Koffee (UK)

Helado Infinito (Chile-Argentina)

Onuka (Ukraine)

Christian Loffer (Germany)

R.O x Konoba (Belgium)

Pablo Díaz-Reixa (Spain)

Jasper Hoiby (Denmark)

Warren Wolf (USA)

It’s great to witness the thrive of music labels and independent music makers these days as they don’t just make music – they create a particular mood for us to feel, explore, relax, study and simply live our best life. And if the music is your best source of inspiration, then 2020 will not disappoint you. 


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