How Can Vaping Help Musicians Be More Creative?

Vaping in the modern world is a common thing. This hobby brings together people from around the world. Both young people and the elderly vape. Various scientific institutes, doctors and scientists have stated that vaping is not a cure for smoking. Indeed, it is a long time since it has been proven that vaping does not help to get rid of the bad habit, but rather becomes a continuation of it.

So why is vaping so popular? Can it have a positive impact on people’s lives? How exactly?

Vaping Devices: the Essence

First, keep in mind that vaping is about the device, not about the substance. Not everyone who is a vaper consumes nicotine. Therefore, it is first and foremost important to understand which opportunities vaping gives us.

Vaping devices can be divided into categories according to several criteria. The most common is the four-generation vaping devices classification, ranging from cig-a-likes and ending with super-modern mods and mods. However, this classification looks rather outdated, since it does not have space for new devices such as e rigs and e nails.

According to another classification, all devices can be sorted by type of tank. For example, some vape tanks are suitable only for evaporation of dry herbs, others for wax, and others for the best cbd oil ( This makes the world of vapes look more complicated. However, this makes it easier for a user to choose the most suitable vaping device.

Nicotine Free Substances

The content of nicotine-free substances vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The elements that are basic for any include water, vegetable glycerine, and propylene glycol. In addition, any flavor may be added. Separately, these ingredients seem not to be harmful and are certified by GRAS. However, there were a number of studies held, which proved the existing dangers of each of the components (but water, for sure).

It is important to remember that when the components are mixed together, they may react with each other and produce new elements, possibly harmful. The other point is that when the substance gets vaporized, it is heated and as a result of this, new composites appear. For example, scientists from Portland State University proved that the heating of propylene glycol and glycerol results in formaldehyde release in 2015.

In case you prefer avoiding lung and throat irritation, inflammations, and other negative health effects, it is better to give up vaping. Nicotine free substances contain nothing special and, unfortunately, their constituents can harshly harm a vaper. The only way it can boost your creativity is only if you get inspired simply by the process of puffing itself.

Nicotine E Liquids

The topic of nicotine influencing creativity is not widely covered in scientific sources or mass media. In fact, billions of people smoke, but only a little percentage of them can boast with a creative mind. The claims of personal experience are doubtful.

However, we cannot help mentioning the famous quote of Steven King that after giving up smoking he became less creative as a writer. Kurt Vonnegut also advocated smoking for speeding him up in his writing career. For sure, the writers expressed their subjective opinion.

In reality, the only way to boost your creativity by smoking is to make a pause. When your brain stops receiving nicotine, various interesting processes are taking place. You can feel stressed, but a pause from smoking and a little sports activity in fresh air can make you more creative.

Vapour Based on Drug

The most popular nowadays is the niche of medical marijuana. It has been legalized in many states and people all around the world are curious about the effects of the best cbd. They try to figure out whether it is really non-addictive and less dangerous. The market for cbd products is developing at high speed. All these edibles (cookies, gummies, ice cream, cocktails, and more) are capturing the attention of both tourists and local citizens. The idea comes from the Netherlands, where real marijuana is put into sweets and other food.

The most famous properties of cbd, in particular, is the lack of psychoactive effects and, at the same time, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. The majority of articles and studies deal with “the best cbd oil for pain” or “the best cbd oil for anxiety”. People are tired of the modern rhythm of life and traditional treatment becomes ineffective. Pop culture also represents this trend. A number of movies show the main hero or heroine suffering from depression until his or her practitioner prescribes the best cbd.

Talking about the boost in creativity, the majority of people means drug usage. In fact, true marijuana can cause hallucinations and, as a result, you may get some new ideas after it. However, even the best full spectrum cbd oil does not contain the proper amount of THC to make you high. Moreover, even after getting high, you may feel sick and tired, but it can hardly make you not creative. THC is dangerous because it causes changes in your brain activity and triggers addiction. It is a mistake to think that THC can bring you a wave of creativity.

Getting back to cbd, although it possesses rather relaxing effects, it does not mean that it cannot make you more creative. The scientific fact is that after cbd intake, the blood flow to the frontal lobe of your brain increases. Consequently, you can think faster and elaborate on new ideas. Calming properties of the best cbd also make a person more confident and decreases stress. It is hardly possible to claim that cbd can make your artistic potential bloom, but it can definitely help you to relax and rethink of the event that blocked you off the art.

Music and Vaping: any Special Connection?

In fact, we cannot talk about vaping affection only musicians in a particular way. In case you are a musician in pursuit of inspiration, vaping is far from the list of top effective methods at least because of its definite harmful outcomes. There exist a practice of “Puff and Paint” art classes, but it seems to be useless for music. Painting is a visual art, so even some psych effects cab help imagining. However, music is a different art.

The better means to find your muse is to stop and relax; to think of the things that bring joy and smile into your life. A day of complete laziness can be effective for ones. Listening to the internationally acclaimed masterpieces can also help to play another tune. Last but never least is the observation of the creativity of other artists. Visiting an art gallery, a rock concert, or a literary soiree may be a good idea.

Vaping is nothing more than a recent popular trend. It connects people and makes the atmosphere friendlier. However, there are no direct positive effects of vaping on creative thinking.


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