Linda’s Electronic Orchestra – “Brace Ourselves”


Fans of ’80s synth-pop will be delighted by “Brace Ourselves,” a track from Linda’s Electronic Orchestra, a new-wave/synth-pop project from Alexandria, Virginia. In fact, the whole EP is a treasure trove for fans Erasure, OMD, Pet Shop Boys, and the like.

The use of synthesizers in old Doctor Who episodes intrigued the members of Linda’s Electronic Orchestra at a young age. Today, their music shows an audible love for these sounds of yesteryear, driven by nostalgic synth tones and a knack for hook-minded song structures. “Brace Ourselves” is evidence of this. Airy synth tones and restrained vocals comprise the verses, ascending to a chorus featuring an added synth-laden effervescence and multi-layered vocal push. An authentic nostalgic synth-pop production with a modern shimmer, “Brace Ourselves” is a winner.

The artist expands on the track’s creative process below:

“I’ve been on a lot of long car-trips in my life, and there’s a certain feeling that comes from being half-asleep in the backseat of a car. It’s this weird ethereal feeling and I wanted to try and capture it with song. It was recorded mostly using vintage synthesizers, though a couple software emulations of older synths I could never afford are used (a Fairlight CMI plugin was used for the fretless bass sound). The biggest challenge was getting there to be enough reverb on the track. Nothing I did seemed big enough, so I took the two longest reverbs I had and layered them. That seemed to work pretty well. The words don’t mean much, I just wanted vague statements that matched the feeling of the music.”

Stream the Heavy Water EP below:

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