Music Stars Who Started Off As Backing Vocalists

The music industry is not easy to break into. With so many talented musicians who have already occupied their place in the hearts of many it takes a lot to get there. Because music is a long road it is important to be open to every opportunity that comes your way.  Some musicians had to be backing vocalist before they could get their big breaks and became famous solo musicians.

John Legend

John Legend is known to be a very successful American singer as well as a song writer. But he did not start off as the famous singer we know today. John Legend started off as a backing singer. We could only hear his voice in the background of some star’s songs. He featured in Kanye West, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys songs. Moreover, his love for piano also made him popular as it is also what made him noticed. Today he is a famous Singer.

Sheryl Crow

The Grammy award winner Sheryl Crow did not just wake up a successful singer. She spent most of her time in the 1980s touring with Michael Jackson as a backup vocalist. She also performed in the background for artists like Stevie Wonder, Belinda Carlisle and also Don Henley.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is a voice that everyone wants to work with. The late artist performed for many artists. From R&B to Soul musicians.  As a teenager Houston worked with artists including Jermaine Jackson, Micahel Zager Band, Lou Rawls and also Chaka Khan. Today even in death she is still being celebrated as a great singer.


At a tender age of 13 pink was already into music. She was already performing in local club scenes and big events. Also she was already writing and dancing. She worked with other singers before she landed her first record deal at the age of 16.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani started off as a backup singer in No Doubt. It was when the band’s lead singer John Spence died after committing suicide that she became the lead singer. Since then she became famous and well known in the music industry.


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