Posted April 22, 2020 by Mike Mineo in Electronic

Sunwarper & Kh3rtis – “Transpacific”

“Transpacific” is a newly released collaborative track from Sunwarper & Kh3rtis. Sunwarper is based in Los Angeles, and Kh3rtis is based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Both artists have shown very capable of constructing engrossing atmospheres and soundscapes in the past, so it’s of little surprise that this track excels in that regard. The track serenely navigates through reverbed island-friendly guitar tones to start, with trickling guitars gradually emerging. Like waves starting to form following a calming low tide, the track begins to swell past the two-minute mark. More capricious guitar fragments coexist melodically with backing lush continuity, remaining cohesive throughout in both its surf-y guitars and jungle-set rhythms. “Transpacific” is an alluring collaboration from Sunwarper & Kh3rtis.

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