How CBD Gummies Can Help Musicians

There are claims that CBD helps those with chronic pain, serious health conditions, generalized anxiety, and other ailments. Professional athletes and actors are using it—as are professional musicians. 

If you’re a musician, CBD might be able to help you too. Let’s look at some of the benefits for these individuals. 

What Are CBD Gummies? 

The best CBD gummies are made from the hemp-based component cannabidiol, more commonly called CBD. Hemp is a strain of the cannabis plant that’s very high in CBD and very low in THC. CBD sold legally online throughout the United States cannot contain more than 0.3 percent THC, so you won’t get high from using it. 

After being extracted from the hemp plant, CBD is then put into a supercritical state which can be suspended in MCT oil like coconut oil. This oil can be put into gelatin and flavored in relevant flavors to create a CBD gummy.

CBD gummies come in a variety of doses, and the bioavailability of CBD is about 20 percent. It can last in your bloodstream for several days, and it’s easy to replenish the substance in your blood by popping another gummy into your mouth when needed. It’s convenient, inconspicuous, and tasty. 

You can explore the online stores if you don’t know from where to buy cbd gummies near me as CBD gummies can be purchased in many shops online, but it’s best to go with gummies from a reliable company that has great flavors and good ingredients. Penguin CBD, for example, sells CBD gummies with a mix of sweet and sour flavors. The reviews are very good, and the ingredients are simple. 

Most importantly, they have published third party lab reports that show the CBD you’re buying is potent and safe. No matter where you purchase your gummies, always be sure there’s a third-party lab report for each batch. 

What CBD Gummies Can Do for Musicians 

Musicians have a unique skillset, and although it might not seem to come with unique mental and physical health problems, there are often conditions lying beneath public scrutiny. Here are a few reasons that musicians might want to eat CBD gummies daily. 

Performance or Public Anxiety Relief: Those who are in the public eye or on a stage regularly experience anxiety. They might have social anxiety whenever they need to meet fans or they might have stage fright—even seasoned musicians experience stage fright! CBD can help by relaxing muscles and calming worrying thoughts. It can take the edge off performers’ anxiety without making them high or inhibiting their performance. 

Enhanced Focus and Creativity: Because of the relief of anxiety and improvement in other symptoms, many musicians report a heightened sense of focus on their craft. They’re better able to hone their skills, correct problems, and generally improve their craft. Many report feeling more creative when using CBD because it removes creativity-inhibiting factors. With daily stressors out of the way, it’s that much easier to let the true talent out in rehearsals and in performances. 

Clearer Skin: Because you’re constantly in the public eye, clear skin is a must. If you suffer from acne or another skin condition, CBD gummies might help to normalize skin cells. CBD can reduce inflammation from the inside out. It could also reduce sebum production and ease skin irritation. Use a topical CBD skin product alongside your gummies for best results. 

Pain and Inflammation Relief: Your fans might not realize it, but being a musician is a highly physical sport. Whether you’re dancing around a stage or you’re simply practicing an instrument for hours on end, it’s not uncommon to sustain an injury. Oftentimes, the injuries come from overuse. For example, violinists might experience “tennis elbow” and drummers might get carpal tunnel syndrome. Singers can also experience pain and inflammation in their vocal cords. The anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving aspects of CBD can help to eliminate this pain and allow performers to be their best selves on stage and in rehearsals. 

Better Sleep: It’s difficult to be on your A-game when you’re unable to sleep well. Musicians who struggle to fall asleep and/or stay asleep through the night might benefit from taking CBD before bed. Those who do report falling asleep faster and staying asleep through the night. There’s also research to indicate that CBD might reset disrupted circadian rhythms. 

Depression Combatant: In the same way that CBD can inhibit a musician’s anxiety, it might also combat their depression. Many of the same hormones and chemical imbalances that cause anxiety also cause depression. CBD might be able to restrict stress hormones and boost dopamine production in order to chase away the blues. 

Substance Abuse Recovery: It’s a sad truth that many musicians are introduced to the world opioids, tobacco, alcohol, and other addictive substances. Those that have become addicted might be able to use CBD to aid their recovery. Studies show that CBD can be used to replace the substance of choice to stave off cravings and reduce the number of relapses a patient has. 

If you’re a musician using CBD, you might notice other health benefits worth sharing. 

Professional Musicians Using CBD 

CBD is not a new thing among musicians. In fact, many professional and celebrity musicians have been using CBD for years to help with their aches, pains, and mental struggles. Here are a few worth noting: 

Mandy Moore uses CBD to help with foot pain when she’s attending red carpet or other social events that require a lot of standing. 

Gene Simmons says he has millions of dollars of stock in a Canadian cannabis company because he believes in what they’re doing. He says he doesn’t smoke pot, but he has used CBD. 

Snoop Dogg is about as engrained in the cannabis industry as you can get. He has ties to dozens of companies and is an active advocate of all CBD products. 

Drake has partnered with cannabis companies alongside Snoop Dogg. He has, of course, used CBD medicinally as well. 

Melissa Etheridge says that she uses CBD to deal with stress and to keep her GI system healthy. She also used it after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. She is now an active advocate of the cannabis industry. 

Jay-Z is a huge advocate of the entire cannabis industry, including CBD. 

Bob Marley is not around to see CBD make it big today, but he was an avid user of the product during the height of his career, and his son now sells CBD products. 

Willie Nelson has used CBD for decades, and he even owns his own CBD company called Willie’s Remedy, which he runs with his wife. They sell oils, coffees, and teas with CBD as an active ingredient. 

No matter what type of musician you are, you too can find relief and help in CBD products. 


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