Shawna Virago – “Heaven Sent Delinquent”


Shawna Virago recently released an electric version of her single “Heaven Sent Delinquent,” adding a natural feel alongside the shimmering acoustics and confident vocal lead. Virago, who has been performing as an out trans artist since the early ’90s, has impressed in the past with tracks like “Last Nights Sugar” and “Tranimal,” continuing to serve as a strong voice alongside effective lyrics in a vein of “trans-Americana.” “Heaven Sent Delinquent” features a strong chorus in the “c’mon run,” refrain, capped off by a harmonica addition in its final iteration. Throughout its entirety, chugging guitars and a driving melody maintain a consuming quality, with lyrics echoing a tale of escape: “The town was on the Hallelujah side / I would have stayed but I had too much pride / Everyone stared at me with suspicion / As the girl who would never do / The missionary position.”

“Heaven Sent Delinquent” and other memorable tracks from May can also be streamed on Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of May 2020’ Soundcloud playlist.

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