Posted August 6, 2020 by Mike Mineo in Baroque/Chamber-Pop

Half Pair – “Half Pair (Song of the Muse)”

The gorgeous “Half Pair (Song of the Muse)” is a journey of a track from Half Pair, a Germany-based project led by guitarist and singer Maximilian Stephan. In addition to writing the track, Stephan created the video’s atmospheric visual accompaniment (above). An introduction of foreboding strings and a clinking frequency give way to serene vocals, amidst subtle percussion and buzzing bass-y resonance. More luxurious strings emerge shortly thereafter, casting a creepy, cinematic spell as the two-minute mark approaches. This track shows Half Pair’s firm grasp of infusing orchestral components within a riveting rock sound, in addition to songwriting that values gripping, evolving structures.

Stream the project’s new album in full below:

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The track is also featured in the best-of Spotify compilation Best Tracks of 2020.

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