Top Reasons Why Rock Will Always Be Above Pop Music

There’s always a debate surrounding which is better pop or rock. Well, answering this is tough as it depends on the matter of choice. Some people have the taste for rock, while other likes pop. Both the music genre has something unique to offer. They have characteristics that set them apart from each other.

You will often get to hear that rock is better than pop music. In this post, we will tell you the reason why it is said so. However, we are not trying to say that pop music is complete crap. Both has its style and features. We are here just to clarify why people consider rock to be above pop music. So without wasting time, take your vape and get ready to go through this post.

Why rock is better than pop music?

Here are the main reasons why rock music is considered to be better than pop music. Let’s see, if you agree with us or not.


  • The band plays real musical instruments

In a rock band, there are at least 4 to 5 members and each one of them plays an instrument. They have mastered the art of playing a musical instrument of their choice. In reality, most of them know multiple instruments to play. The think about rock bands is that they make their musical instruments. Whether it is on stage or while recording the song, they don’t stay dependent on others.


  • They write their songs

Another great thing about rock bands is that they write their songs. They rarely take help from anyone outside the group. Once they write a song, they make their music and record it. In other words, they do all the hard work by themselves. However, for pop singers, they have an entire team working to get their music ready. Other than just lending their voice, they hardly do anything. This is true in the majority of cases.


  • Rock music doesn’t use auto-tune 

Many of you may have heard of auto-tune. This is a modern technology that helps pop singers better their voices. In other words, it enhances their vocals even further. this kind of thing has no place in rock music. They sing with their vocals without any auto-tuning. Rock is all about staying raw. If you are a rock fan, then you can relate. They put in real hard work to make their voice sound great. Unlike pop singers who will just auto-tune their voice.


  • Rock concerts are more entertaining

If you have ever attended a rock concert before, then you know how powerful their performances are. A single pop singer is no match against an entire rock band. Starting from their music to style, everything about them is energetic. They come on the stage to entertain you thoroughly.

It is because of these reasons that rock is considered to be better than pop music. No matter what, rock and roll will always live on.


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