Posted September 22, 2020 by Mike Mineo in Electronic

Purity Trip – “Blue Moon”

Touting spacey, futuristic vibe throughout, “Blue Moon” is a uniquely effective track from Montreal-based artist Purity Trip, from the artist’s Non-Ambient Minimix. Aesthetically, I’m reminded well of the Mass Effect 2 soundtrack. The effervescent synth addition around 01:40 jolts and demands engagement, following by very active percussion and an ominous synth pad serving as a bridge into the second half. Pit-patter of snares expands nicely alongside the darkening synth pad, leading into a fully satiating second half, where murkier and darker space becomes gradually accompanied by excitable percussion. The track’s commendable production and atmospheric mode capture a unique soundscape, while still being melodically intriguing.

Stream the mix below:

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