Tips For Throwing A Festival-Themed Summer Garden Party

Summer is normally a time that is associated with music festivals, and there is nothing better than letting your hair down and listening to some great music. However, just because you don’t have tickets or you can’t go, this isn’t to say you can’t have your own festival fun! Throwing your own summer garden party will allow you to replicate the feeling of being at a festival without even having to leave the home (meaning much nicer toilets!). Here are a few tips for hosting your festival-themed garden party.

Create Chill-Out Areas

Having areas where people can go to chill out is always important at a festival and will help people to feel relaxed. You can even create your own DIY teepees using poles leaning towards each other and securely fastened with a sheet over the top, and you can then fill these with throws, cushions, and anything else which will create a chilled atmosphere.

Decorative Lighting 

Decorative lighting is a great way to create a magical atmosphere, and this is so important at a music festival. Fairy lights, outdoor festoon lights, lanterns, and candles in jars are all great ways to illuminate the garden and create a suitable atmosphere for a party.

Provide Festival Food

Of course, food is a big part of any festival, and you won’t want your guests to go hungry. One of the best things about festivals is that you can find practically any kind of food you want. This is harder when you are hosting a garden party, but batch cooking food and then having a BBQ on the day should keep your guests more than content and ensure that everyone is well-catered for. In terms of drinks, you might want to encourage people to bring their own but to stock up yourself and make a few large pitchers of summery cocktails that people can enjoy.

Arrange Entertainment

No festival-themed party will be complete without some kind of live entertainment and you can browse some good options here. You could even arrange to have tribute bands for your favorite acts or DJs, party bands along with other entertainment options like a mobile bar, street performer, and photo booths.

Let The Neighbors Know

Of course, this is not a real festival, so you won’t be able to blast music outside till the early hours of the morning. However, you should still let your neighbors know about the party and consider inviting them; otherwise, it could be awkward and you do not want to have to worry about upsetting them during the party. The last thing you want to happen is to have your party shut down. 

Summer is the best time to have your own festival-themed fun, but don’t be afraid to try it out in the colder months too – simply add some outdoor heaters, and you will be able to keep partying even if the weather isn’t scorching. These tips will help you to bring the magic of a festival to your own garden and could be the highlight of the summer.


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