5 Tips To Make Your Videos Viral on Social Media

As a music artist, you want your music to reach a broad audience as much as possible. With each new track, you aim to gain a few more listeners while retaining your loyal fans. Music videos play a huge role in realizing this.

Fortunately, unlike the past generation of artists who heavily relied on TV stations and radio to play their music, today, the internet helps tremendously with music distribution. Your music is a click away from having one more listener.

Many artists enroll the services of music video directors to work on their music videos and there are many music directors constantly looking for ways to make videos trending on social media.

 Here are 5 tips to help your music videos go viral.

1. Hiring a Professional Video Production for Quality Videos

Several elements come into play when creating a quality video, and one of them is paying for professional video production such as NYC music video directors. Just because it’s a music video, it doesn’t mean that it has to take a back seat and let the music audio do all the work. 

Professional video producers know the right technical aspects to include in your video that will attract many viewers. Such video directors have also mastered the art of creating unique and thought-provoking videos that gain a lot of traction on the internet.

2. Promote Your Video on Social Media Platforms

Social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube have ads features, which, if well utilized, can help ]boost your viewership to the tune of millions. All you need to do is to understand the audiences on each website and then create promotions that work best according to the social media platform.

3. Use Appropriate Tags

According to Quantum Marketer using tags helps your content become easy to find thus increasing its chances of visibility. All social media platforms use tags to rank content in searches or to display content with similar tags as recommendations. Research the appropriate tags in your music video’s niche and use your social media platforms to increase your video’s reach.

4. Use an Engaging Thumbnail

An engaging thumbnail can be the difference between someone clicking to view or hitting the next button on Youtube. Spare no effort in getting a provoking thumbnail; sometimes, people land on your video out of curiosity created by that thumbnail and if they enjoy your content, they will end up sharing it across platforms.

5. Respond To Fans on Social Media

People love celebrities and influencers who respond to their audiences. Pick some comments on your video across social media platforms and respond to them. This kind of interaction makes you look relatable and might trigger more engagement and sharing from your fans.

Create Catchy Videos That Trigger Engagement With the Help of NYC Music Video Directors

Working with professionals ensures that you get videos that capture the viewer’s attention that will motivate them to share that with friends and family across many platforms. Creating catchy videos has to be accompanied by practices that increase visibility online.

Although using these tips won’t guarantee that your video will trend, they sure do give you a better chance of going viral.


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