Street Rat – “Overland”


One of several singles released ahead of Street Rat‘s upcoming album, out this month, “Overland” showcases the artist’s stellar songwriting and knack for consuming structural evolution. The solo project of Imraan Paleker, from New Zealand and presently based in London, shows very well here. Haunting vocal lingering and guitar-based melodic haunt initially. “Maybe soon someone will come, and you’ll be found,” Paleker sings, leading into a chilling wordless vocal backing amidst a vibrant rhythm section and guitar-based flourishes. The track takes off especially after the four-minute mark, with a plucky guitar tone leading into a raucously enjoyable rock sound with blistering exhilaration. “Overland” is a fantastic journey of a listen.

“”Overland is about a never-ending journey to find a place to belong,” the artist writes. “The song itself is a journey in a way, going through several sections before returning to the main theme. I wanted the whole song to feel like it never quite resolves, like the subject in the song who never finds grounding.”

“Overland” and other memorable tracks from June can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of June 2020’ Spotify playlist.

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