Arminda K – “It’s a Good Thing”


Hypnotic synth-pop delight “It’s a Good Thing” is the latest from Arminda K. Spacey synths and serene vocals build to a quivering, melodic stretch past the one-minute mark, the vocals joining in seamlessly thereafter. Melodically engaging with a lush soundscape, “It’s a Good Thing” is a stellar track from Arminda K, off new album It’s Nearly Night Time.

Arminda K presently lives in London, moving there from Brooklyn, after having grown up in the rural Midwest.

“It’s a Good Thing” features Julian Fader (of Ava Luna) on drums. The track is mixed by Zach Ryalls (Eternal Garb), a longtime collaborator of Arminda K.

Check out the track’s music video below:

Regarding the debut album, Arminda K writes:

“My debut album’s tracks range from synth and vocal soundscapes to structured experimental pop pieces, all born out of exploring and capturing a range of emotions –the joy, the loneliness, the freedom– that can come from being alone (a topic I’ve put a lot of thought and energy into since moving to London in 2015 as an introverted American).”

Touching on the track, specifically:

“”It’s a Good Thing” was written in early Spring last year, at a time when difficult emotions were running high: the panic of the pandemic, the awakening of the masses to racial injustice, political chaos. At the same time though, I was going through periods of great happiness in my personal life. The combined emotions felt at odds with each other and hard to reconcile. This song was a reminder that feeling things intensely –no matter how opposing and extreme– is much better than feeling nothing at all.”

Stream the rest of the album below:

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