Borito – “Someday”


Today marks the release of Borito‘s debut album, What We Have Now. The Tel Aviv-based act impressed with multiple tracks last year, “Nice & Slowly” and “My Kind of Love,” that flaunted both hooky guitar-fronted indie-rock and lushly atmospheric synth-laden adornments.

The melodic nature of Borito’s sound continues throughout the excellent What We Have Now, a fully convincing display of the band’s talents. Moody, synth-forward efforts like “Face” cast a haunting, dream-pop spell through the chilling vocals and bouncy synth/guitar interplay. “Never seen like a face his,” the vocals repeat during an especially consuming section. The track succeeds with its mysterious soundscape and memorable melodic pull, with peppy rockers “My Kind of Love” and “Child” — which sports a catching guitar-based crunch mid-way through — following in fun, eclectic form.

Among the many highlights on What We Have Now, I’m particularly struck by “Someday.” The sporadic guitar pushes and suave vocals remind strongly of TOPS, while the jangly chorus at the one-minute mark accomplishes with an especially striking beauty. The ensuing bridge also dazzles with a punchy spirit. Borito’s What We Have Now sports an abundance of quality songwriting and hooky melodies, intermingling jangle-pop, rock, and synth-pop with satisfying results.

Stream the album below:

“Someday” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of February 2021’ Spotify playlist.

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