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Everyone starts as a beginner; there is nothing wrong with that. Being a beginner who knows nothing about an instrument or a topic can give extra space for knowledge and perspective. Knowing how to learn a musical instrument can be rewarding in many ways. It is a great way to enhance creativity and develop the discipline to help you in the future; learning different instruments can help adults and kids attain there, there is no age limit. 

If you are looking for a musical instrument to learn for the first time, but you don’t know what instrument to pick, this article is for you. Here are seven instruments that you can learn quickly with hard work and dedication:

  • Flute

The first item of this article is the instrument that every kid who went to school has played with. It is so popular, compact, small, easy to learn, and the most affordable instrument you can play in an orchestra. Just like the cello and violin, the flute is also on-demand on bands and orchestras. With this instrument, you can learn every day and improve. 

  • Guitar

A guitar is another excellent choice of musical instrument for complete novices and a reasonable reason. It comes in a wide array of sizes, styles, and shapes to suit the device’s player. You can buy it in music shop Australia areas.

When first trying out the instrument, especially kids at a young age, classical guitars are the best option. Don’t worry, as there are other types of great choices depending on the kind of music the novice would want to play.

Learning the technique for a guitar is relatively easy to study and remember and master. When you know how to play the guitar, you can also play other different instruments like the ukulele and the bass. Using this instrument as your first can benefit you significantly.

  • Piano or Keyboard 

To differentiate a piano and a keyboard, one thing to remember is whether it is electric or not. A piano, by definition, is an instrument with weighted keys. A keyboard is an electrical instrument that requires you to plug it in to turn it on(e.g., power outlet or batteries).

These two are among the most popular instruments that the instructor can easily teach to kids. It is an excellent instrument for complete beginners. Learning how to play the piano is known to be fulfilling because it may take a long time to learn the craft, but it is a skill that you can enjoy for a lifetime. 

A tip that you can utilize when memorizing the keys is to write a marker on the keyboard to help you remember. You can also use mnemonic devices and train your hands and ears to recognize the different keys. 

  • Violin 

Another popular instrument for beginners, the violin. It can vary according to its user by size from full size 4/4 or right down to 1/16. The latter is much more suitable for ages three and up.  

Anyone can produce a good sound on the violin with practice and little time. If you choose to master this instrument fully, it will take more time, practice, dedication, and hard work. Additionally, the violin is in demand in music ensembles and orchestras.

  • Cello 

Cello and the violin are alike in appearance but not in shape and position. The violin is placed between the shoulder and chin; you should stand while playing this. On the other hand, you have to sit down when playing the cello as it is placed between the player’s knees. You may also get a wide array of sizes from full size 4/4 and down to 1/10. The 1/10 is suitable for younger players at the age of 4. 

Complete novices can easily pick up the technique and produce a sound to touch those who listen to it in little time. Just like the violin, the cello is famous in music groups and orchestras.

  • Drums

The second to the last on this list is drums. As a kid, you cannot help but run to drums because of the unique sound it produces. It is durable and fun to play as well. It is a great first instrument for any beginner. Indeed, the musical instrument is loud and large, with the happiness it brings to the player and how it enhances one’s coordination. It is an excellent addition to your home or any place you want to store this in. 

For younger players, make sure that you buy a not too large kit to enjoy while being comfortable. 

  • Saxophone 

Last but not least, the saxophone, another excellent instrument for beginners. Alto saxophones are the most suitable for total novices; it comes in different sizes and types. The player can find this instrument hassle-free to learn; pick up on the fingering technique, and you can produce a sound that even birds would sing to.


Starting to play an instrument can be overwhelming. Still, with these seven instruments, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy every bit of it. These seven instruments are easy to play with. 


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