How to Use Music for Stress Relief?

Millions of people around the world enjoy creating, playing, and listening to music. Music surrounds us all the time, whether in a restaurant, store, car, or elsewhere. But did you know that music is not only for joy? From the scientific point of view, music produces positive effects on our bodies and mental health. It helps us enhance memory, evoke motivation, increase enjoyment from what we are doing, and manage stress. A great thing is that you do not need to take time out from your busy schedule to listen to music because you can do it while conducting most of your regular activities in daily life. So why not create a special playlist for each of your chores? It will soothe your stress and encourage relaxation!

Top 5 ways to use music for stress relief

  1. When getting ready in the morning

To stay productive through the day, you should start your morning with music, even if you feel like crawling back into bed. By incorporating music into your morning routine, you can set the right tone for the day. Besides, music can help you keep your feelings under control. For example, to put yourself in a cheerful mood, try listening to something that makes you happy, be it your favorite pop music or a hot track by a foreign artist. Instrumental or classical music can make you focused and calm. Upbeat songs that make you want to smile and dance are a great choice if you have a big, busy day ahead and need extra energy. Whatever is on, music is a perfect tool to start a good day.

  1. When praying

Along with religious icons and other spiritual items, music is able to speak to our minds and hearts. Whether at home or in church, listening to music can evoke positive feelings and pleasant relaxation, which in turn can lower your stress level. It is also important to consider the words if you want to achieve the best result. Try using the lyrics of hymns and worship songs for your prayer, as they are usually based on Scripture. Even if you are not into singing, you may simply read the words and consider what they mean.

  1. During the daily commute

A great way to avoid road rage is to listen to your favorite songs in the car. This may help reframe negative thoughts about the commute and release some built-up tension. Moreover, music can make you feel like you are having a nice time, so you will never regret wasting hours in traffic. If you are really stressed out, try classical music. Your commute will be much smoother with the soothing sounds and rhythms. Stay focused on the music and take your mind off bad thoughts, and you will become less stressed once you reach your destination.

  1. When cooking

Good nutrition is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Eating at home can not only save you some money but also ensure healthy meals. If you feel too tired to cook once you get home, turn on some music you enjoy. This way, cooking will become a fun activity, not a routine chore. You will definitely be more relaxed when a good song is on repeat.

  1. When studying or working

To get less distracted by what is happening around you, try using your headphones. This will help you avoid negative thoughts and overthink the upcoming test, assignment, or ongoing task. A great idea is to listen to music without lyrics when working or studying. Make music louder to reduce negative feelings and thoughts.

Music is enormously powerful, so use this magical power for stress relief whenever you need it!


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