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November 2015, the world went crazy as we hear singer songwriter Laura Pergolizzi – affectionately called L.P. – writer blast us with her magical whistle in her song ‘Lost on You’. We noticed L.P. her and everyone was abuzz. The truth is however that this remarkably talented woman has been around for many years before that song was released. 

‘Lost on You’ Was in a fact one of the singles from her third E.P. An E.P is of course an extended play record. It is has less tracks than a full album but more than a single. Generally consisting of about 6 tracks. E.P’s are cheaper to make, and thus cheaper to buy. It also doesn’t take as much time to produce as there are fewer tracks on it. The Song also featured on her fourth studio album.

Song Writer To The Stars

As was already mentioned, L.P. has been around for quite some time, but she’s as current as the way you can play horses today. Her first studio album ‘Heart-shaped scar’ was released in 2001. The second one ‘Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol’ would follow in 2004. Despite great attempts to market these albums, they somehow just didn’t take off. Some say that she was still coming into her own sound. Irrespective of the reasons for the albums not taking off, it didn’t. 

Towards the 2009 some her songs had been featured on other artists albums. She now started writing music for others. Her musical talents can be heard through the voices of Cher, Rhianna, Christina Aguilera and many other artists. By now her music was even used as theme songs to two series on television. It seemed like she had it all, except for her own successful album

Times Changed

It was however only in 2012, eleven years after she started out, that L.P. signed a record deal and brought out her first E.P. named ‘Into the Wild’. It was a huge success. On the same year she was featured in Vogue Magazine. Now of course everyone was looking at L.P as more than a pop singer. The pressure was on her to produce something spectacular. 

Two years later, in 2014, her third studio album was going to be released. Everyone held their breaths and crossed their fingers, that this album would give her the breakthrough that she wanted. In June the album ‘Forever For Now’ dropped and the world was overjoyed. Even though she had received wide spread publicity and the world was starting to open up to her, she still wasn’t quite there. 

She said that at that point, ‘Forever For Now’ was her greatest work yet. Stating that she clearly had to write amazing pieces for other people first before she could do it for herself. Just when we thought that it could not get better, one year later, in 2015 she gave us ‘Lost on You’ This song is so legendary that by the end of 2018 it had appeared on the top 100 of over 72 different charts across the globe. Claiming the number  one spot in 19 of them and top ten in 37 of those 72 charts. 

L.P. whistled her way in our hearts.


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