Premiere: Johan Agebjörn & Mikael Ögren – “Static Air”


On their upcoming album Artefact, Johan Agebjörn and Mikael Ögren craft the unofficial soundtrack to Arthur C. Clarke’s science fiction novel Rendezvous With Rama. Every track is inspired by a chapter in the book.

We’re happy to premiere a taste of the album, with the track “Static Air.” Spacey frequencies and astronaut communications guide alongside ghostly whispers and synth arps for an intriguing intro, with various touches — like the soft synth tone around 01:25 — adding gorgeously to the soundscape, which is futuristic and haunting. “Static Air” is a thoroughly atmospheric success, suggesting listeners can expect an engrossing listening experience throughout the anticipated Artefact.

Artefact will release via Spotted Peccary Music on May 21st. The album will be available for preorder this Friday on Bandcamp and other outlets, with “Static Air” also available as an instant download.

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