Why Elvis Wears The Rock And Roll Crown

Why Elvis Was The King Of Rock And Roll?

Elvis Presley took the world by storm and was most certainly well known by the title of King of Rock and Roll. It is however important to note that he didn’t start the genre of rock and roll. The term rock and roll was made popular in the 1950’s by a radio DJ called Alan Freed. But the term Rocking and rolling had been around since the early 1900’s 

Rocking and Rolling was used in the early 1900’s to describe the spiritualistic feeling that the African American churches gave to all that attended them. Because they were so lively, the church was a rocking and a rolling. The next 40 years or so would give birth to a genre of music that had the same effect on people and the rocking and rolling was shortened to rock and roll to describe the genre. 

The Birth Of The Music Of Elvis

By the time that Elvis Presley came onto the music scene in 1953. There had been other artists that was recording music that was of the style that the world had not heard before. It was of course the birth of rock and roll. Jackie Brenston, Roy Brown and Bill Haley & His Comets were just some of the artists that were instrumental in the birth of this style of music. But most of them were still stuck in a look that did not compliment the style

Along came the King. He was a handsome man with incredible energy and he wasn’t afraid to use his sex appeal to get people to like him. Many people that are experts in the field of music say that this is the only reason that Elvis became so popular. Even though this may be true, it is certainly not all of the truth surrounding the fact. He gave us a sound that we loved to hear. It was new and it was fresh. 

More Than Just Sound

Just as we realised that we liked this sound of rock and roll, Elvis came and gave his moves. The king did things with his body, to the rhythm of this music that we had never seen before. He moved in ways that under normal circumstances would look completely ridiculous. But when he did it, all of us wanted to do it as well. This added to his appeal as more and more people either wanted to be him or simply just wanted to be with him. 

As we decided that we figured him out and we figured out his dance moves he hit us yet again with another thing that shook our world. Elvis started to introduce a sense of fashion that was something so weird that it must have come from a different planet. It was bold and flashy and tight and everything really that should have been worn by women. But he made it masculine and he made it cool. 

King By Popular Vote

Elvis had the ability to draw huge crowds and gave fans the same feeling as when you win playing online. He was incredibly handsome and he was also incredibly charismatic. All of this added to him becoming the king. It wasn’t that he was necessarily the best or the first but he certainly put rock and roll on the map in scale that no one before him was able to do. 


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