Chris Ianuzzi – “Infinite Prize”


Out today from Chris Ianuzzi, the track “Infinite Prize” exemplifies the artist’s pursuit of experimental electronic textures, jarring vocals, and creative vigor. Fans of Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, Xiu Xiu, and Oneohtrix Point Never should dig right in. “You’re my infinite prize,” Ianuzzi lets out during a haunting series of haunting synths, stutter-y vocal effects, and droning eeriness. Spacey, wandering tones around 02:30 add nicely to the overall soundscape, in particular. The track’s video, above, does well in shifting colors and visual intensity depending on the altering structural shifts. “Infinite Prize” is a ceaseless engaging listen from Chris Ianuzzi.

Ianuzzi was previously featured with the tracks “Olga in a Black Hole” and “Summer Star.” “Infinite Prize” releases via Ianuzzi’s Satellite Symphonics label imprint.

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