Posted May 28, 2021 by Mike Mineo in Tracks

Sluka – “Figure It Out”

Another creative showing from San Diego-based act Sluka, “Figure It Out” rides on energetic pulsing to start. Strings and percussion rouse, with Christopher Sluka’s invigorating vocals — and “figure it out!” refrain — catching easily. The twist into relatively somber strings thereafter plays strikingly, followed by an operatic rise. Sluka has consistently shown a tendency for creative, unbridled energy and a lack of overall fear for structural and aesthetic maneuvers, and “Figure It Out” is an enjoyable further continuation of that ethos. Past highlights include “VIP” and “Vampire’s Ball.”

“Figure It Out” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of May 2021’ Spotify playlist.

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