Top 5 Video Game Soundtracks of All Time

Video games are a combination of multiple features like gameplay, storyline, graphics, and music. Over the years, the trend in the gaming community has kept fluctuating in terms of which features to focus on. The earlier games focused more on just gameplay, and nothing else. On the other hand, the latest games focus more on incredibly realistic graphics and amazing storyline. However, one thing hasn’t changed in all the popular games since the beginning of gaming, and that is exceptional music.

Music and soundtracks are critical for the success of any game, but that’s not all – Music plays an essential role in providing the best possible experience to the players. No matter what game you’re playing – whether it’s a sad game or an overly violent game, music can completely make or break the experience. Usually, a game with good music can get away with almost anything, even bad graphics or mechanics, won’t you agree?

Even if you do not agree, after reading this article and checking out the songs, you will definitely realize the importance of music in video games. So, let’s get right into it.


Let’s start the list with one of the most iconic, and loved games of all time, Undertale. Many people wonder why Undertale is so popular despite having “not-so-good” graphics – two words, script and music. The first look at the game is quite underwhelming, but once you play the game, and listen to the music, you will get absolutely addicted to it! I’m not even exaggerating it.

Undertale is filled with a wide variety of legendary music that goes well with almost every situation. Emotional tracks, like “Undertale” and “His Theme” really hit you in the feels; The innocent, and soft buildup of the song with the extremely sad and heartbreaking ending.  That’s not all, as Undertale has some of the most motivating and even funky music. The song “Hopes and Dreams” is very powerful, making the players feel as though they have a long journey ahead – but at the end of the road, they will be able to accomplish their dreams. If this isn’t enough to convince you then Undertale has songs that are popular in the meme culture too, like Megalovania, bonetrousle, and the shopkeeper song.

The Animal Crossing series

The Animal crossing series began its journey back in 2001 in Japan and is now one of the most popular games played during the 2020-21 pandemic. You could say that the latest Animal Crossing practically saved us all from the extremely depressing times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Why do I say that? Once you listen to the music, you’ll know why.

The Animal Crossing series has been known to widely focus on music that adds to its wholesomeness. The latest games have an exceptionally large collection of original soundtracks, and every single one of them is widely different. K. K. Slider, the composer of the Animal Crossing series, has shown great skill in composing songs for all kinds of moods. The latest animal crossing has a different soundtrack for every hour of the day, and night, along with prologue, and special events too! Personally, I love the Museum theme, it’s perfect for falling asleep on a rainy night. What’s more, all the songs are genuinely wholesome, making the players addicted to the game. The best part is that Eldorado has awesome deals on the ACNH items, perfect for new and veteran players.

The Persona Series

Up next, we have the most popular JRPG of all time, the Persona series – Specifically Persona 5. The Persona series has been known for its, loud, stylish, and quirky design – but most of all, it’s known for its great music. Although the older persona games weren’t as good or interesting, the music really hit the spot for so many RPG fans.

The Persona games are known for using aesthetically pleasing soundtracks, especially the latest game, Persona 5. The games are filled with vibrant scenes, and the tracks used to fit well with each scene, adding more depth to them. What’s more, Persona has a huge diversity in songs ranging from emotional songs to songs full of energy. You feel like busting a move in your room? Listen to Mass Destruction! Looking for something motivational? Listen to Awakening, Will power, and life will change. Need something for your study session? No problem! Just listen to Beneath the mask. I was not joking when I talked about diversity in the tracklist of Persona.

The Final Fantasy Series

Let’s discuss one of the most popular video game series that is widely known for its music, Final Fantasy. The video game series has never failed to shock fans with its ethereal and soothing music. The latest game from the series, FFXV is not as loved for its plot or mechanics, but it still got really popular due to the amazing soundtracks it has – Coincidence? I think not.

Final Fantasy is a game series that understands the assignment – if you know what I mean. Every music piece used in the games will HIT you hard in so many ways – No exaggeration. Some of the soundtracks used are, quite literally, otherworldly. You want to feel alive? Listen to Gratia Mundi. Need something to relax your raging mind? Listen to Promise and Noel’s Theme. Looking for a song that hypes you up? I got you! Listen to Apocalypsis Noctis. The FF series even has songs that you can play in your car! How crazy is that?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Last but not least, we have the legendary game, Skyrim. Have you ever wondered how orchestral soundtracks became so popular? – one word, Skyrim. The renowned game has innumerable amounts of classical music scores, the kind that haunts you at one moment, and makes you want to change your life in the very next second. Crazy, isn’t it?

Skyrim has really outdone even the latest games with its beautiful music. Its main theme is in the in-game dragon language, sung by a 30-man choir! The goosebumps you get when hearing it for the first time is a different feeling on its own. The soundtracks are so well composed, immersing the players in the depths of medieval times, in the dwarven ruins. The phenomenal soundtracks will make you experience the beauty of old times. All of the songs are really amazing, but Dragonborn and Sovngarde are at a whole another level.


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