Asher Laub Releases Another Intense Electric Violin Music Video

Gratitude, an intense electric violin single by Asher Laub, an artist who experienced a journey that started with a flame of passion.

The Breakdancing Electric Violinist

If you haven’t heard of Asher Laub, you’re probably missing out on one of the most influential upcoming string artists of the contemporary era.

Where others are becoming stagnant with their unwavering adherence to specific genres, this talented breakdancing electric violinist has made it his signature to traverse multiple genres during live performances and produces some of the most incredible sounds while dancing.

Gratitude is Asher’s latest hit released on the 15th of June – another masterpiece that combines both classical and electronic genres. This single gains inspiration from classical pieces that are almost forgotten, in addition to genres appreciated by modern fans of electronic, house, pop, and jazz music.

Laub has virtually gifted the composition to his fans in the hopes of providing them some relief, motivation, relaxation, and empathy that many of them craved throughout the pandemic that kept us cooped up inside our homes. Although some may categorize it as electronic or pop music, others simply rejoice at the release they’ve anticipated from Laub since the previous one.

Known for having performed at some of the country’s most prestigious venues, such as Madison Square Garden, Asher is a renowned soloist who mesmerizes crowds with his intense violin music.

As a consummate performer with a vast portfolio comprising different genres, Asher made the only decision that seemed like a logical step forward for an artist of his caliber, i.e., trans-genre improvisation.

Asher’s latest release, titled Gratitude , is another display of perfection with a remarkable ambiance that floods the ears with emotion and evokes deep feelings of happiness. Streaming worldwide, the track is on a fast-paced lane to reaching the billboards. 

Asher Laub: The Prodigy

Rumor has it that Asher started playing the violin when he was no older than the age of 2. This is backed by the historic performance he delivered on a grand stage with the Buffalo philharmonic, and that too, at the age of 13. After that, it was just one gig after another, and Asher slowly made his name known over some of the most iconic stages at Hammerstein Hall, Lincoln Center, the Carnegie Hall, and more, across four continents.

Having witnessed and experienced the musical compositions and symphonies of various cultures and societies, Asher knew that he couldn’t ground himself in any one of them. Instead, he answered his heart’s calling. He became a revolutionary artist who managed to unite and amplify the musical grandeur of classical jazz and pop music. Hismusic also hints towards the inspirations that he gained from his exposure to Southasian music. In fact, Southasian music has an influence on the majority of music artists across the globe.

Though many have yearned for the talents of this prodigy, few knew that he suffered from chronic back pain, a progressively weakened immune system, and low blood pressure.

Like many esteemed and renowned artists before him, Asher also found his life demanding some serious decision-making that involved setting aside his passion and creativity. The young musician decided to become a Science and Music teacher at a NYC public school for four years.

However, even though Asher made all possible attempts to recover, his health slowly degraded, complicating situations to bedpans, IV lines, and hospital trips. Then came the day he was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency.

Things seemed like they had ended for Asher when one day, he decided to take a semester off from NYU to begin working on his latest tracks and choreographed performances.

With fans storming the social media platforms, looking for productions from Asher, the artist knew he couldn’t keep them waiting for long. The anticipation finally came to an end when this intense electric violinist released his latest single, Gratitude, as a symbol for recovery and gratitude for everything. Even with some of the most complicated problems hovering over him, he makes it possible for his fans to come together and enjoy the most outstanding combinations of classic and modern genres of music.  


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