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Japanese civilization has existed for over five thousand years. As one of the most valuable peoples, the Japanese have developed a culture for centuries that has left an indelible mark in all fields of human life. Ancient martial arts, living in harmony with nature, mystical geishas, the art of drinking tea, music, advanced architecture, and technology are just some of the countless treasures that originate from this distant island.

What do you need to know about anime and anime openings?

The history of anime begins in the early twentieth century, when Japanese filmmakers experimented with animation techniques previously developed in the West. During the seventies, anime developed further, separating itself from its Western role models and developing unique genres. In the eighties, anime was accepted as mainstream and experienced a real boom in production. From the nineties onwards, the concept has been accepted in other countries as well.

Regarded equally important as the main theme of the anime, the opening should introduce the theme to the viewers and engage them to dwell deeper into. In certain cases, shows even have more than a single opening theme song that changes throughout the airing or are designed to emphasize the series finale or another important episode. Some of the best anime openings are related to gambling themes, so we will now see a few anime that combine openings with casinos.

This list of openings was prepared by specialists from the PikachuCasinos service, who are engaged in creating reviews of recommended pachinko websites. They have collected the most famous anime and openings of them, which are the most popular in the world.

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler

Written by Homura Kawamoto and based on the author’s popular gambling manga Kakegurui, the Netflix series takes us to the Hyakkoku Private Academy where teachers and high school pupils solely work on improving their gambling skills, certainly bolstered by online slots real money.

By day, it seems like a normal school with regular subjects such as math, languages, and history, but when the night falls, it turns into a high-roller den where the likes of Yumeko Nabami and others are attending the special curriculum. Some of the students are here for fun, others look for thrill, while the main villain just wants to clear the house, even if they claim no wagering bonus. With one of the most remarkable anime opening themes, this is a great choice for casino fans.

Gambling Apocalypse Kaiji

Also known as Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor, once manga designed by Nouyuki Fukumoto, it was adapted into the 26-episode Madhouse-distributed anime. Following the success of the show, Kaiji’s adventures were upgraded to a sequel season now combined running for almost two decades.

The strongest part of this TV show is its plot that follows the protagonist’s ill-meaning fortune that tricked him into a huge debt. To pay the money off, Kaiji turns into underground gambling activities on a cruiser where he also must accept a new lifestyle and avoid all kinds of dangers. According to the global audience, this is one of the best plots of anime gambling themed series where the opening song contributes to the atmosphere.

The Legends of Gambler: Tetsuya

This sounds even better than the alternate title that suggests Tetsuya’s legendary skills gained throughout the education. The narrative is simple but catchy and revolves around the student who surpassed the tutor in post-World War Japan. There is a truly gifted punter in Shinjuku City wheeling and dealing for life by playing Mahjong not ever thinking about introducing skills only.

As a matter of fact, Tetsuya is also a drifter who’s not afraid to cheat the way to the victory saying that cheating is only when someone gets you caught. If that never happens, consider it using a winning strategy. The series is based on a real-life character nicknamed Hourouki Mahjong and will not only show the intros and remarkable anime theme songs, but also bring a valuable history lesson about nearly destroyed Tokyo. Also, this is an award-winning series with a huge impact on the industry.

Akagi: The Genius Who Descended into Darkness

Aired for an entire year with a total of 12 episodes, the series once again takes its viewers to Japan and the period when the country was trying to recuperate from World War II. A young boy Shigery Akagi was only 13 when defeated a notorious Yakuza in a forbidden game of Mahjong and this is where our story begins.

Like beating a mobster wasn’t enough, Akagi invested all his talents into rescuing Nangou, a compulsive punter with a 3 million Yen accumulated debt but desperate to clear the family name. Nangou has nothing left to wager but his life and Akagi comes as a deus ex machina. On the other side of the spectrum, there is a police force engaged to put all mahjong players behind the bars, making this whole Akagi manga more interesting and challenging.


Anime has many genres including science fiction and medieval fantasy, comedy, adventure and action, children’s and love stories, horror, and even erotica and drama. Most anime contains elements of several different genres, as well as variations of themes.

As for the musical background, like Western feature films, anime uses music as an important artistic tool. This is a big business in Japan and often comes with its own charts. This is why anime tunes are often composed and performed by the best musicians like Yoko Kanno, Tishio Masuda…

Intros and anime songs play an important part in this resourceful venture. Anime series with a catchy opening song will find a faster way to the audience and surely inspire viewers to be more like the main characters. Playing video games from time to time, watching anime, and listening to a good song can surely inspire you for a quick turn from a newbie to a serious casino player. To make it happen, you can always choose the best online casino that brings your two passions together.

Finally, with the growth of the internet and streaming services offered by Netflix, Crunchyroll and the like, anime is becoming much more accessible and more adult-friendly. They give them the opportunity to revive their childhood through more popular, age-appropriate anime movies along with a chance to inspire an inside gambler to be more active.


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