Brainsqueezed – “My Fears in the Night”

The soaring single “My Fears in the Night” is a recent track from Brainsqueezed, releasing ahead of the new album I Am Not a Robot, out this Friday. The ardent vocal presence reminds fondly of Manic Street Preachers, while the memorable chorus exudes a stirring, anthemic rock feeling — conveying “the way fear is a constant companion from childhood onward to adulthood, when it becomes an inner voice.” A soulful vocal addition, approaching the three-minute mark, adds further fervor. Lyrics of hiding one’s fears coincide with rising guitars and the theatrical chorus, resulting in a riveting, fierce production from Brainsqueezed, the project of French musician S├ębastien Laloue, who relocated to Sydney, Australia in 2020.

The project impressed last year with the track “Sailors.”

Mike Mineo

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