Top 5 Music Themed Slots For 2021

As the world of online slots games continues to gather pace, players everywhere are rushing to the web to enjoy all sorts of offerings.

From adventure slots to movie-themed games, there is now more on offer than ever to slot players as the industry continues to grow.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 music themed slots for 2021. From games themed after rock icons to those with a killer soundtrack from legendary bands, our collection includes some of the most exciting music slot games of all.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the first slot on our list of the top 5 music themed slots for 2021.

The Motorhead slot game

Without a doubt, the Motorhead music slot is a first-rate game that uses the legendary Ace of Spades as a focal point. Perhaps the most casino-centric song ever made, plenty would agree that it’s the finest soundtrack ever for a slot game.

This all means that the Motorhead slot game is a top option that’s up there with the finest of them all. This amazing slot from legendary company Netent shows the band throughout to ensure a stunning experience. Add amazing gameplay with wilds, bonuses and more and this music slot is without question one of the top music slot games of them all.

Jimi Hendrix slot game

Next we come to a top slot bearing the image of the man who many ascertain to be the finest guitar player of all. This slot uses none other than Jimi Hendrix to make for what is one of the finest slots on the planet.

Packed with wilds, free spins, and more, this slot is a premier game with an attractive RTP. This means the Jimi Hendrix slot game is one of the best music slot machine games in the world. Once they’ve had their fill of the Jimi Hendrix slot game, players can find a list of new slot sites to enjoy.

Naturally, the slot game would not be finished without a stunning soundtrack and top Hendrix music like Foxy Lady and Voodoo Child involved, a top bonus for all music aficionados playing this game.

Megadeth slot game

Now we arrive at the Megadeth slot, a top example of the way in which music has come to dominate the slot machine market. With banging tunes, top looks and many features like wilds and specials, it is obvious immediately that this is a first-class offering. Including David Ellefson, Shawn Drover and Chris Broderick, and legendary frontman Dave Mustaine, this is a stunning slot game.

Guns N’ Roses slot game

This top slot game from NetEnt is a 5 reel, 20 payline beast intended to celebrate the 30th anniversary of rock’s biggest band.

As an official piece of merchandise, the Guns N’ Roses slot has lots of music from Axel Rose and the rest of the band. Packed with a range of top features including wilds and free spins, there are lots of multiplier sections to boot.

Kiss slot game

Finally, we include this music themed casino game created in tandem with a massive rock band, the Kiss slot is packed with hits from this amazing band! Add in some stunning looks and truly amazing wild and bonus offerings and it’s obvious that this is one seriously cool slot game.


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