Top-notch gift ideas for every type of best friend

Now that everyone has access to online shops, the process of choosing a gift for your best friend might take you many hours. This article should help you to select the most stunning items quickly and enjoyably.

The most precious gift for the best friend is a highly customizable one, the one that accentuates its owner’s individuality. It doesn’t need to be an incredibly expensive thing or an item from the latest collection. But it should fit your friend’s tastes and lifestyle. Plus, it should have both aesthetic and pragmatic value. In this article, you’ll discover a selection of top-notch gifts for any type of best friend and festive occasion.

A Photo Constructor Set — for a Friend Who Loves Modern Art with a DIY Twist

Such a set enables you to turn nearly any photo into a pixel-art constructor. This technique works best with high-resolution portraits of one or more people (or animals) with few or no small details. You can take a new photo, or choose one from your smartphone’s gallery, or scan a paper one. Then, you upload this picture into the system and it will generate assembly instructions for you. Basically, you make yourself into a lego or a jigsaw puzzle and you assemble the picture of thousands of small pieces. You can use the same constructor to assemble an infinite number of pictures. When creating assembly instructions, the generator works so that you’ll always have enough parts for any photo. Once the picture is ready, you can hang it on the wall or put it on a stand that you place on any horizontal surface. It will look stunning in any interior.

Custom Face Socks — for a Friend with a Good Sense of Humor

Buy bright socks and print your friend’s smiling face all over them! To have more fun, you might want to choose an individual color for each sock. Since the print will be rather small, you might want to use the same photo 6-8 times on one sock. If you try to squeeze multiple photos onto your gift, you might want to consider a larger object, such as a t-shirt or a set of kitchen towels (there, you’ll have enough space to write something too).

An Anti-Theft Laptop Carrier — for Busy People and Frequent Travelers

This will be an ideal present for a person who carries his or her laptop in a shopping bag or a regular backpack. Such carriers are slim, durable and offer USB charging ports. They are made of stylish high-quality materials, such as water-resistant vegan leather. They have integrated and retractable cable locks that you can use to lock the bag shut and attach it to something. The carrier has multiple strategically placed priority pockets where you can put daily essentials (including side mesh pockets and padded glasses pockets).

A Bracelet with a Positive Affirmation — for a Friend Who Needs Encouragement

Sometimes, a little cheer is enough to help a person succeed in an important endeavor. Choose a nice bracelet of an adjustable size and inscribe a custom positive affirmation on it. It might be something as simple as “Everything will be fine!” or “I know you’re a star!”. Otherwise, it might be a quote from your friend’s favorite song or movie. Your goal is to remind the wearer of his or her full potential. It might be not one bracelet but a set of several items for extra encouragement.

A Long Distance Lamp — for a Romantic Soul

You should buy one long-distance lamp for yourself and the other one for your friend. If you wish, you can buy more lamps and connect them in a network (you might want to do so when buying Christmas presents for the whole family). You tap your lamp — and all the others that are connected in a network light up immediately. This is an easy and absolutely wonderful way to remind your dearest and nearest that you think of them. In a while, the devices will automatically go back to black. You’ll be able to modify the brightness, color and lighting mode of your lamp.

A Stylish Lunch Box — for a Foodie

You can purchase it for a friend who’s dieting and can’t have lunch in any random cafe. Also, such boxes are firm favorites of people who love to cook. They can use them not only to carry food but also to store leftovers at home. To ensure that meals stay hot and fresh, the lunch box needs to be insulated. Ideally, it should be made of antibacterial and chemical-free steel. This material is also much more durable than ceramic, glass or plastic. However, metal is not microwave-safe. Microwave-compatible plastic boxes should have a relevant label.

A Honey Gift Box — for a Friend with a Sweet Tooth

A selection of several honey flavors should make your friend feel over the moon! Honey is tasty and good for one’s health. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties and serves as a good source of antioxidants. It can help you to get rid of digestive issues and soothe a sore throat. You can spoon it right from the jar when drinking tea or use it as an ingredient for sophisticated recipes. Eco-conscious people will especially appreciate organic unprocessed honey. And of course, these jars are highly instagrammable!

Fancy Items for a Photo Session — for an Instablogger

It might be a paper umbrella, a funny pillow or a cute hat — anything that looks awesome in a picture. Today, not only people but their pets might have Instagram accounts. Even if it’s your friend’s birthday and not the one of their dog, cat or hamster, they should be happy to receive cute accessories for them. Such gifts might have little pragmatic value. But they should help photos and videos go viral! By the way, TikTokers love such things just as dearly as their colleagues who prefer Instagram.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the ideas from this article gave you enough inspiration and food for thought! All the items from the text are rather affordable and you can easily find them in your local offline or online shops. People of any age and gender love such gifts and will remember them for many years. Maybe, you would like to receive some of these items yourself? Then, don’t hesitate to give your friends a hint!


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