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1st Base Runner – “Only One”

Impressing this year already with tracks like “All Thoughts” and “Break Even,” Austin, TX-based singer/songwriter 1st Base Runner — the vehicle for Tim Husmann — continues his strong run with “Only One,” from the album Seven Years of Silence. The album consumes with its dark soundscapes, an assortment of guitars and electronic flourishes throughout. “Only One” begins with ghostly guitar tones and pit-pattering percussion amidst a swelling, somber vocal. The finale develops from guitar fragments into a haunting, layered vocal effect of sorts, epitomizing the darkly effective soundscapes presented throughout Seven Years of Silence.

The artist elaborates more on the album below:

“It was something that had to be made. I had tried to suppress the concepts and ideas explored in the 8 tracks for several years. It is my willingness to be vulnerable and laid bare before others in an attempt to glimpse some fundamental truths about what it means to be here and to be present. It is an exploration of expectations and shortcomings and how they in turn will make us all the more uniquely human. No one gets out with clean hands, not on this ride, and not in this lifetime.”

“Only One” and other memorable tracks from July can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of July 2021’ Spotify playlist.

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