Mighty Tim Young – “Tavern”


Impressing earlier this year with the track “Rock N Roll,” Mighty Tim Young continues to enthrall throughout his latest album, The Lucky Ones, Young’s fifth release on his Not Fade Away label. “Tavern” nicely epitomizes Young’s timeless rock pull, suave in disposition while still offering hooky twists and charisma.

The track lyrically sets the stage in a worn tavern, an ideal respite alongside contemplation regarding how one got here. “Spend my life in this tavern, ’cause it feels like home to me,” Young sings amidst the chugging guitars. “Spend my life in this tavern, watching the days disappear, like the beer in front of me.” Young’s vocals deliver a touch of yearning melancholy during the “spend my life,” refrains, alternating between suave and more bursting vocal showings. Young concludes aptly toward the conclusion: “And when my candle burns out, I’ll light a new one, so there’s always a flame in front of me.”

Originally from Easton, PA and having spent considerable time in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen rock scene, Young is presently based in Arizona.

Stream The Lucky Ones below:

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