How does music affect players in online and offline casinos?

The field of gambling is expanding every year, attracting more and more users to try out the new hobby. You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of gambling at land-based casinos as well as online platforms, such as the

Online and offline bookmakers use different mechanisms to attract customers, but one of them remains the same – the music. It is the melody that helps to create the right mood, to immerse the player in the atmosphere and to relax.

Music at an offline casino

Musical accompaniment in land-based casinos is given a lot of attention: tunes are written to order, and administrators monitor the periodic change of compositions in the halls.

The first requirement for the music: it should not attract too much attention from visitors. Despite the fact that the melody is playing everywhere – in the game room, bar, toilet, it should remain as a background, and not distract people from the gameplay.

Lounge music, i.e. light and relaxing compositions, is played in rooms where customers are relaxing – bars, restaurants, recreational areas. Often these are instrumental melodies without words, which do not attract attention, but allow you to relax and catch your breath.

In playrooms, the melody is more dynamic, with rhythmic compositions that add to the atmosphere of fun and excitement. Often in the halls you can hear the top tracks from the charts, easily recognizable to visitors of the institution.

Special attention is given to lounges where customers play poker or roulette. Such games require total immersion and concentration, so smooth, muted tunes without words are chosen.

The most influential gambling establishments commission music from top musicians, putting forward criteria for each room.

The impact of casino music on the player

Until the 20th century, the owners of gambling establishments did not understand the importance of music: they chose ready-made compositions, which did not always fit the atmosphere of the halls.

But with the development of psychology there was a revaluation of the influence of music on the human psyche, and online casinos have taken into account the recommendations of experts, thereby increasing the attendance of institutions.

Thus, properly chosen melody affects several factors:

  1. Mood elevation. Music can provoke the release of serotonin – that is, the hormone of happiness, which leads to a sense of euphoria and happiness. Having experienced positive emotions in a casino, a player will come again and again.
  2. Influence on behaviour. Music should be perfectly balanced: it should be positive, but at the same time, it should not provoke particularly emotional customers. Which is why casino tunes are often changed: from more dynamic to quiet and relaxing.
  3. Promote concentration. In roulette and poker rooms, the atmosphere should be as attentive as possible. Distracting music with lyrics, overly rhythmic tunes that make you want to sing along or whistle along, should be avoided. Usually an administrator chooses a quiet, neutral melody and loops it in. Customers quickly get used to it and are not distracted from the gameplay.
  4. Recognition. Marketers use music to create a recognisable product image. Upon hearing the tune, a person will immediately remember the product. A similar scheme is used in casinos: the owners order the writing of a tune that will be associated with the gambling house.
  5. Maintaining interest in the games. It is advantageous for the proprietor to make the client stay longer in the hall and try out a variety of games. This is done through the use of music that keeps the customer’s interest in the game. Composer Gerry Martin has written many tracks for gambling games and noted that the best tunes for games are minimalistic compositions with a light mood and a small set of instruments in the sound. Such tunes keep things interesting but do not sound annoying or distracting.
  6. One type of task-oriented gameplay. Slots gameplay is rather monotonous: the customer needs to make a bet, follow the spinning of the reels and win, or try again. So that the game doesn’t get boring too quickly, the casino owners use the right rhythmic music, which makes the game more fun.

Features of music in online casinos

The rules for the selection of music in online casinos are not too different from land-based establishments.

Nevertheless, gambling sites have an option to turn off the music: tired of the constant sounds, the user can play in silence or run his playlist.

It is for this option that customers appreciate online casinos: they can independently create an atmosphere conducive to immersion in the game.

The impact of music in a casino on the customer experience can hardly be overestimated. Music is an important cog in the marketing and psychology mechanism that helps to attract customers and keep them coming back to the establishment again and again.


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