Pato y Pato – “Moonrunner”


Showing a spacey vein of electronica, “Moonrunner” is a melodic and atmospheric instrumental track from Detroit-based duo Pato y Pato. Blaring, loopy synths craft intrigue from the get-go, steadily expanding alongside hints of percussion. The more sporadic, pulsing nature of the synths past the one-minute mark culminates to a spirited movement a minute thereafter, conjuring a sort of video-game nostalgia. There’s a hint of electronic-minded bossa nova in sections to follow, the caressing synth tones approaching the four-minute mark with a stylish strut. “Moonrunner” is a stellar output from Pato y Pato, comprising the artists Mark Maynard and John Duff.

The track comes via Pato y Pato’s forthcoming album, Green and Gold, out on December 10th. “Moonrunner” releases alongside a captivating video, above, crafted by Jeffery Evergreen.

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