The psychology of music in online gambling environment

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Many people wonder about the influence of music on a person during the launch of slot machines and other money games. This issue has been studied for a long time, not only in gambling but also in other areas, such as trade. Many studies and tests have shown that music can influence a person, involve him or, on the contrary, repel him. Therefore, many areas of services use this technique to attract customers and run a successful business.

What role does music play in land-based casinos?

Scientists conducted a study in 2004. The essence of the experiment was to track the influence of various sounds and background music on the players observed during the play on slot machines. Many offline and online games have been studied, and music tunes and sounds during their launch have been checked. Based on the results of the research, it was possible to obtain quite exciting information. Scientists have found that only relaxing background music attracts a person’s attention to slot machines and provokes impulsive gaming behavior.

In addition to all the above, scientists were able to note other interesting facts. For example, calm, quiet music hides the time spent in the casino and does not strain the eardrums, does not tire a person excessively, and gives him a sense of security. It is important to note that the source of the pleasant sound does not affect the results. Music can come from a slot machine or be played throughout the entire room.

What sounds can affect the player’s subconsciousness?

A little earlier, there was another interesting piece of research. Loud music was playing in one supermarket and quiet music in the other. As practice has shown, visitors to the first supermarket made purchases much faster than in the second. However, the results were not successful in profit margins as shoppers hurried to leave the store, so many products were overlooked.

Based on the results of this study, the scientists concluded that casino visitors would spend more money in a casino that plays pleasant music in the background, where there are not too harsh or loud sounds. Such a situation is favorable and attractive. On a subconscious level, the client is immersed in this pleasant atmosphere and does not notice how he spins the same slot machine several times and therefore bets more.

Scientists have repeatedly proved the direct influence of music on the general mood, perception of the environment, and spending. Several conclusions have been drawn by the experts that show a positive correlation between the assessment of music and the evaluation of the environment.

Many scientists are researching the impact of music on humans in various fields, and the gaming environment is no exception. Pleasant background music and soundtracks during the operation of slot machines have a positive effect on gamers. Clients are much more inclined to play, and some sound effects can induce appropriate behaviors that increase excitement.

However, not only musical tracks affect the mood of casino visitors. The individual sounds specific to this niche also play an essential role. So, for example, the sounds of falling coins can create an atmosphere of fun and celebration. People in such cases have the impression that winnings occur much more often than losses. This feature is widespread because when a customer receives an award, it is accompanied by certain sound effects that are typical for the genre.

The role of music in slot machines

Sound effects and background music play a unique role in the operation and popularity of gambling. This characteristic especially applies to modern slots, in which the developers take particular TV series, movies, or video games as a basis.

The chosen soundtrack and the peculiarities of its use during the game make a specific impression on the client. The player rates the slot machine based on the sounds heard. They affect the subconscious and are associated with the following criteria:

Machine quality. Many gamers associate the quality of a slot machine with the quality of music and additional sound effects. Casino visitors choose the gambling machine that attracts them not only visually but also by sounds.

Originality. Manufacturers of software for casinos actively use some specific sounds of musical instruments in the design of their works. The corporate identity is created in this way. Players mark certain slots for themselves on this basis, and they recognize them instantly in the future.

The sound of victory. Certain musical effects mean victory. A person’s mood improves, people around him also catch this sound, and there is a keen desire to continue the gameplay to hear this melody again. An illusion effect occurs that reminds users that the wins happen much more often than losses.

Acquaintance. Psychologists have repeatedly proven that the titles of slot machines and the sounds they make affect people. Therefore, gambling manufacturers often use famous words associated with significant events, dates, and celebrities. Music works in the same way. Gamers from the US can hear imitations of famous tunes while playing.

The musical accompaniment during the game contributes to the fact that a person seems to be lost in time, fully immerses himself in the game process, and becomes a part of it. The demand and popularity of a particular slot machine depend on the choice of soundtrack that will accompany the gameplay.

How important is music in online casinos?

Virtual venues have recently reached their peak in popularity. The active use of gambling websites is related to their accessibility and usability for the game. Players activate absolutely any slot machine or table game using a computer or even a smartphone. Such features help to increase the game time significantly.

Experts studying the popularity of online slots point out that music and additional special effects play an essential role. In tandem, these factors attract clients. The use of music in online casinos is important because customers feel like they are in a land-based establishment and get the maximum dose of excitement and adrenaline while playing.

The developers have created many slots that are available only in the digital space. These are modern releases that use the latest technology. Such slot machines interact with pleasant music and trendy special effects that draw players into the process.


All the work that has been carried out to study and understand the role of music for gamers does not have enough empirical data. The main base of the collected information is based on theoretical statements and assumptions. However, this does not prevent one from realizing that music in one way or another has a significant influence on a player’s mood in the casino. 

Thanks to such features, clients of establishments develop gambling behavior. As practice shows, people often pay attention to the visual and sound components when choosing a slot machine.

The assumptions about the decisive role of music in the gambling industry are quite real. The efficiency of slots with pleasant sound effects is much higher. Relaxing music affects a person’s subconsciousness, allows forgetting about the real world, and completely immerse in the gameplay. Accompaniment of winnings with special sound effects evokes pleasant emotions and happiness on a deep level. The person completely forgets about problems and routine.

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